How I became homeless.

There will be 1 billion homeless digital nomads by 2035.

If you’re reading this article, likely you are already homeless or will become one of us soon :)

In the middle of 2015, my boyfriend and I moved from our apartment in Moscow to… nowhere. We decided do not rent anything for a long-term and travel around the world to see if we want to stick somewhere or not. That is how we became digital nomads.

What does it mean to be a Digital Nomad?

In my opinion, Digital Nomad is a person who works in digital space. It can be a freelancer, a remote worker or an entrepreneur. They are constantly moving from place to place with most of their belongings because they like to travel and explore new things.

What is the difference between Digital Nomad and a freelancer?

Usually, freelancers work from home or co-working space, but they stay in one city. They rent or own a house or apartment for at least one year or more. They can travel, but not every 1–2 month. When they travel they are not taking all their stuff with them :)

What is the difference between Digital Nomad and a traveler?

Worth to mention, that traveler is not a tourist. I hope we all know the difference, so I won’t need to explain that. In terms of Digital Nomad, travelers don’t take all their stuff with them while traveling and they have a home where they always come back.

Benefits of been a digital nomad:

  • Traveling where and when you want, because you don’t need to stick to any schedule and you can avoid these crazy periods of time when prices are dramatically rising up for national holidays or something similar to that.
  • You don’t have problems with renovation in your house or fixing a car because you don’t own one.
  • Constantly exploring the real world while working in the virtual reality.
  • You don’t need to spend 8 hours per day in the office box and 2–3 hours in a car or public transport in order to get to your working place.
  • You can change an environment around you whenever you want.
  • You learn how to live a life of a minimalist, appreciate what you already have and think more as a parsimonious person rather than a consumer. It is because you have only one luggage with you, so you can’t effort to have unnecessary things :)
  • You can take very long naps in the middle of the day!

Limitations for digital nomad:

  • You need to live in a place which was decorated not for your needs and wishes, but you quickly get used to it. We started to appreciate more what we have inside of us rather than outside.
  • You can’t carry to much stuff with you because they are heavy. Plus, when you are constantly moving it will be a pain in the ass to pack and unpack them all the time. Now the two of us have only one backpack (25 liters), one bag, and one guitar :)
  • You can’t have a knife or scissors with you because you have only luggage and you are not allowed to have them on an airplane. Sometimes I miss my scissors for manicure…
  • Almost everything you have will have to be digital in your life. Books, notepads, meetings with friends, education, sport, sometimes even doctor’s consultancy. That means you need to keep all your documents and medical notes in digital format, preferably in English.
  • Finding healthy food is very tricky. Especially when you are vegetarian.

What do we have with us as a Digital Nomads? (Summer package)

  • Technics: two laptops, one smartphone (my boyfriend refused to use any phones 4 years ago), one iPad, three pairs of headphones (one of them is with Bluetooth) and different kinds of cables, chargers, and adapters.
  • My clothes: 4 skirts, two dresses, 5 underpants, one bra and one sports bra, leggings and one sports pants, sleeping pants, comfy slippers, a couple of socks, flip flops and sneakers, one sports jacket, one swimming suit with goggles and swimming cap, plus one scarf. No jeans or shorts, if you ask.
  • Bath stuff: shampoo, body oil, facial cleanser (all of it in 100ml bottles), cream for face, toothbrushes and toothpaste, tongue scrapers, two sponges for body (they more look like a towels though), one facial massager, a crystal-stick (it made from salt and helps you to keep your armpits not smelly).
  • Docs: flight tickets, passports, insurance.
  • Other: some meds, comb, tweezers and stuff like that.

Overall, it is quite amazing to have such freedom and flexibility in your life. It feels like a superpower, which you didn’t explore the whole potential yet. That is why I want to share my story, so other people, who are feeling that they are also want to become digital nomads, get more inspiration for it.

If you want to know more about this topic, please, do not hesitate to ask questions.

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