Promotion Site for the 2016 UC Davis Design Career Fair: [Insert Future Here]

Web design, programming, and teamwork come together to build the 2016 UC Davis Design Career Fair promotional site.

Design Career Fair 2016 Theme: [Insert Future Here]

Project Overview

Project Story

Our first meeting to begin planning the fair.
Ideation sketches.
Adam, Alicia, Cathy, Andy, and I discuss potential layouts.
Dry erase board sketching
Comparing wireframes made in Sketch and new ideas in pencil.
Michelle, Andy, and Cindy express their opinions.
Information breakdown for the Employer section, with some notes on student questions.
The new DCF logo had a futuristic feel that paired perfectly with the bright color scheme.
Some of the team’s first mockups. The right two are my own.
Getting the gist of of it came first.
Screenshots of the final site
Members of the Design Career Fair celebrating outside the event.

I don’t really use my Medium account anymore :)

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