Promotion Site for the 2016 UC Davis Design Career Fair: [Insert Future Here]

Web design, programming, and teamwork come together to build the 2016 UC Davis Design Career Fair promotional site.

Project Overview

Goal: To produce a professional-quality website for the student-run Design Career Fair. This would be the first website ever created for the annual fair.

Background: The 2015 founding year of the annual Design Career Fair at UC Davis used Eventbrite for ticket sales but did not have a promotional website. The fair’s founders sought to create one in order to reach and inform a larger audience of students and employers.

Challenges: Included working with an all-student team to both design and code. Most members, myself included, had little to no prior coding experience at the time.

Methods: Involved round of sketching and discussion, iterating on prior feedback as our team of 5 created progressively higher fidelity mockups and began coding. A critical aspect of the process was to imagine how our different audiences would use the site and to tailor our content and experience to their unique needs.

Results: A fun and useful site that received compliments from the professional web designers attending the career fair.

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