That sounds scary.
Jason Boxman

I worked a lot with ExtJs, from version 2 until now, and I really tried to connect with the ‘node community’. I tried several libraries, frameworks, building several solutions with it, but I always found myself searching for that one library that does this and after that searching for another library that does that. All with their own syntax/way of thinking and hard to fit in into my existing architecture. I ended up reading blog after blog. And always keep in mind if they telling me the independent truth or is it all about themselfs. Is Eric Clemmens willing to inform us, or is he pushing his own product React Resolver? Tons of clue code I have written. Just to connect all these libraries. And although my IDE could minify/bundle my files for example, I ended up using grunt. Moved to gulp. Then webpack. The outcome? Always the same. Minified files. And my IDE could do this for me, more then 5 years.

And if I wanted to work on a older project everything was already outdated and I had to replace libraries or refactor all of my clue code. And with the struggles in the npm community, people selling their projects to big companies/delete their libraries completely, it seems to me that that micro module thing isn’t that independent and modular after all. It can’t be, as long as the dependencies live in a tree.

And with ES6 it seems that ExtJs wasn’t a bad choice after all (classes/extending). One syntax for all, one-way binding, two-binding, mvc, mvvm, class system, reusable components, build/minify tools, universal apps, responsive design, themes, good docs/examples, support. And if it works, it works. If you want to upgrade you can quite easily. Yes, the initial footprint is large, but how is the footprint after you build a rich application with module libraries?

I’m struggling with questions like why I should learn Angular or React. Why I should move to Angular 2 or deep dive into React and JSX. Why I should or should not use Express. Why Backbone could be a solution, and if it is should I use marionette. Should I use CommonJS/AMD. I struggle with NPM because I more and more end up living in their ecosytem, but they leave all the work/choices to me and can’t guaranty me/my company anything.

So, should I write my next large enterprise solution in React or in Angular? I really don’t know. Can I afford to switch later on? No! It is just getting harder to build reliable solutions, even though everybody is saying that it can be done way faster..