Today, many of us know the story of the Sony Walkman brand and how it influenced many other products in the 21 century. It was one of the first models of portable players to change the way people listen to music.

Three original Sony Walkman
Three original Sony Walkman

The story of the classic Walkman ended in 2010 when Sony retired the cassette player. Sony sold around 200 million cassette players, and the total number for all devices under the Walkman brand is around 400 million. This number may sound unreal for cassette players, but this device literally changed the industry and set the standard for future music players.

This player made a revolution in the world of non-portable devices. Before Walkman, you simply couldn’t listen to music on the go, only at home, using a giant audio system with big headphones. …

Holding Nokia 3310
Holding Nokia 3310
Image by David Stefanides

The first SMS message has been sent in 1992 from a personal computer to a mobile phone. SMS in various forms has come a very long way since that time. A while ago, messages were a quick and cheap way to connect people, but today messages are an essential part of people’s lives.

According to Informate, in 2014, the volume of SMS messages was around 18 billion a day, but even these numbers cannot be compared to modern messengers that are slowly replacing SMS standards. For example, in 2018, WhatsApp revealed their messaging data. People were sending nearly 60 billions…

Made in crisis graffiti
Made in crisis graffiti
Photo by Robert Metz on Unsplash

It is a hard time for anyone in any industry all around the world. Today I want to focus on the design field and how to prepare for the changes that you may face in the next couple of months or even years. In times like this, adaptability and flexibility are keys to survival.

Over the past few years, user experience has played a bigger role in the product development cycle. Specialists from different industries would likely call it the Golden Age of Design — a time when almost every new startup would incorporate user experiences as a core value…

History is full of great inventions. Over the past 100 years, people have created a great number of original inventions. Despite this, there is no streamlined process to create a product that is guaranteed to be successful.

Today, if you want to create a product that will become legendary you have to spend a lot of time researching, validating your ideas, looking at other products, testing them, etc. Unfortunately, all these still won’t guarantee success. Even with such a large set of resources like the Internet, books, videos, etc. Besides, no one will accept your idea without deep research and market analysis.

It is a well-known fact that in the Soviet Union, all information was blocked from outside. But when outside information did manage to make its way into the country, it was collected bit by bit…

The year of 2019 is a very significant year for design. This marks the 100th anniversary since the creation of the Bauhaus school. The school that made a revolution in design that changed everything.

A lot has been said over the past 20 years about principles and ideas of Bauhaus. There are many articles about how the Bauhaus influenced modern design. Companies such as Apple and IKEA are still using their principles in the 21st century.

In this article, it is not my intention to talk about the history of Bauhaus because it has been written and rewritten many times. There are lots of documentaries and studies about the school. Instead, I want to focus on the principles and values that have been popularized by teachers and students of Bauhaus.

The core idea of…

I think many people who are involved in user research — particularly designers who conduct user interviews — know that this process came to us from the world of science and psychology. All experiments that have been confirmed or denied by people in laboratory coats can show a lot of insight on how to successfully run user interviews.

Throughout my career, I’ve done many hours of interviews. Some of them were successful, some of them were not. Some of them were useful, and some of them were useless. Some were interesting, while others were strange. …

image by diecast43

Our next “guest” came straight outta the Soviet Union in 1964: The Minivan Taxi.

The Minivan Taxi started its journey in 1962 at VNIITE (All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Industrial Design), when a talented team of engineers and designers developed an extraordinary car, something reliable, compact, maneuverable, and roomy with the aesthetic of a bus. It was to be the first of its kind and is now a global icon.

The story of the Minivan Taxi is fascinating, from the way engineers handled the prototyping process, to real-life, big city testing — which all happened during the Cold War between…

Vespa is a well-known brand of Italian scooters that became cultural phenomenon and has fascinated millions of people around the World. As an example of great design and overall experience, Vespa was copied by companies from different countries: England, Germany, the United States, France, USSR, etc. Stylish design, affordable price, ease of maintenance and driving comfort have made Vespa the first successful scooter in the World.

My previous article was about the excellent user experience of a jerrycan, but in the case of the Vespa Scooter I will try to show how Piaggio Company (the creator of Vespa Scooters) amazingly…

Today I am going to tell you about the design of jerrycan of the 1938 model which is an example of great industrial design and how UX should be applied to products.

image by sandleford

For a long time, people did not need to think about a radically different design of fuel canisters. Up until 1938 people used square, rounded and even triangle-like jerry cans. If you look back in history, few people might need to transport huge fuel reserves in canisters of 20 litres or so.

In 1936, Germany created a secret project to build a universal canister for Wehrmacht. As a result, one of the greatest masterpieces of industrial design was created and copied by other armies and can be set as an example of the fantastic user experience design to this day.

Toronto Downtown

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