It’s totally normal that working on a review\proofing tool we pay attention to all the competitors on the market and every new face in the sphere catches our eye.

This week, our Marketing Jedi approached me, saying the new review tool appeared in the search, and it seems that the guys invest into advertisement a lot.

Of course, I couldn’t miss the new proofing solution and registered right away to compare it with Approval Studio.

Frankly speaking, I’m not sure if it’s really new, but this is the first time this application drew my attention and after reviewing this review…

Let me start this topic with a story from real life. I’m sure, you’ve had the similar situation as well.

Intro in design feedback problem

When driving the car with my wife sitting next to me, on one of the crossroads she says I need to turn right, but at the same very moment, she points left with her hand. Of course, listening to her in this situation is a mistake, and I really need to understand that she meant left, despite she says the opposite. Now, imagine the situation when I’m driving a car with my wife not sitting next to me, but following…

Approval Studio has become even better with the update of May 10th. Here’s what has changed:

You will no longer receive dozens of emails about the new annotations made, the annotations will be emailed in bulk. (Thanks, Bill!)

Shareable URL is much shorter now with link instead of that long 100500 symbols string. (Multiple requests, thanks guys for telling us what you want!)

Click on an annotation in the annotations bar to find the annotation among other annotations on the image with annotations ;). (Thanks to Bill again!)

Expand\collapse multi-page files in the image bar to navigate through the…

Have you ever thought about what your neighbor thinks about you? If yes, this is the right article for you to read, you will finally know all the dirty things people talk behind your back.

As you might know, we try to talk to as many Approval Studio users as possible asking all kind of questions. Some of the conversations are published as the interviews here, in our blog. But some people don’t want to show their faces but still tell us various stories.

Today we will talk about how your contractors see you, what they truly think about you…

In recent times, Reddit has become one of the most popular social media, and currently, it is the 6th most visited site in the world. The reason for such popularity is very simple — there isn’t a topic that hasn’t been discussed in multitudes of service’s threads. Naturally, the creative industry has taken a pretty significant place there. All in all, Reddit is a service for creative people, and, as we know, such people rule the world. So, why don’t we take a look at some Reddit communities for design lovers? We compiled for you a list of must-subscribe subreddits…

Saved money — earned money. Let’s talk about how do creative managers uplift profitability by automating approval workflow with online proofing tools

It is hard to imagine a modern marketing organization not using marketing technology. MarTech has become vital in every aspect of marketing, changing the approach to personalized and relevant experiences that every company tries to present to their customers. The evolution pace of marketing tools is increasing exponentially together with their importance, and if a company wants to stay on top and save resources, it is vital to track the pulse of these changes and follow them.


Online proofing tools are different. Pricing, features, service, … These blog series aimed to help designers, creative managers, and marketers to make the right choice. This time we compare Approval Studio and Go Visually.

If you read our blog or had a chance to contact Approval Studio team, you know that we like talking to our users or potential users, asking all kind of questions about their experience in reviewing graphic files.

I often ask people if they were using the review tools before and what are they. Of course, this is the way to identify our direct and indirect…

A better understanding of some problems would really help people using freelancer`s services to improve their experience and benefit their future cooperation

Freelancers have changed the creative industry a lot. Studios can balance the workload peaks by adding specialists just to certain phases of a project when needed and not keeping extra staff when the workload is minimal. For designers, freelance is a chance to work on different projects without being anchored to a certain company or office. Ability to work when they want to and on what they want to. Freelance sites (birges, markets, call them whatever you like)…

Previously we posted about how to write good creative briefs. We asked some of our customers and creative experts to share with our readers what are the common issues they have to solve while briefing process.

Francesco Facchinetti, Project Manager at Permasteelisa Group

I believe one of the major issues I faced was and still is the lack of technological and production knowledge. Production technologies and process always impose limits, especially if we want to boost efficiency and get a bit of margin. Mostly, these concepts are not considered in discussions with clients, and this is the reason why sometimes we do not switch to new ideas.

While reading yesterday’s news I’ve bumped into a short article about Swedish giant IKEA changing its logo.
It’s not the first redesign for IKEA, but what caught my eye was… I didn’t notice any changes from the first glance. Take a look at the old logo

Now let’s check the new one.

Taras Talimonchuk

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