Baby Steps

Overnight successes take a few years

Photo by Nathan McBride via Unsplash

We all have ideas. Some might be great, and some maybe not so great. We want to turn those ideas into reality, but excitement may have us wanting to jump from Point A to Point K, when we need to be taking baby steps.

Maybe you want to display a map and show real-time tracking on your website or app. After doing the research, you might find that paying an engineer to do that could cost anywhere from $10,000 to $1M. This is where the importance of baby steps comes in.

Make that map your goal in later stages. In the beginning, just have a design that users can interact with, such as lists and clicking buttons. If you’re making an app that provides information for tourists on major cities, you can start out with a list of major cities in alphabetical order, or separate cities by continents and countries. If you gather enough funds, you can slowly roll out new features and change the design.

Baby steps. Overnight successes usually take a few years.

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