The Power of Restraint

Letters From Bear // Friday December 13th, 2017

As a teenager, entrepreneur, and student, the resources available at my fingertips are endless. Sounds brilliant, right?

You could create anything and everything your imagination has the capability of visioning.

But how do you create anything without getting lost in everything?

This sounds like a ridiculous problem, but in all reality, is a serious problem for my generation, and I personally anticipate it being the differentiating factor between the good, and fabulous.

Information and resource overload is frankly, the largest epidemic to ever hit education in the past century. Students across the world have lost access to the personal reward found in solving a problem using only what they know.

Why? Because knowledge is no longer limited.

There is no longer any reason why a fifth grade student shouldn’t be able to solve an advanced physics problem. Knowledge, which used to be a rare singularity, is now the normality of our generation.

Everyday, students are questioning the value of memorizing anything when they have a plethora of resources already waiting for them online. — The result? Our students now have an attention span comparable to that of a goldfish. Wait, what?

Instant gratification is failing both the beauty of intelligence and the evolution of creativity. — How can we ever ask of our children to look outside of the box if they are sadly comfortable in it where they are.

Over the past century, some of the largest innovations and movements have stemmed from one questioning the known. But this brings us back to our original point. How does one question anything, if they are instilled with the idea that they know everything.

We are currently operating on an educational framework designed in 1948…. an educational system from the same decade the slinky was first invented and silly putty first sold. I think it is needless to say that change and reform are needed. But beyond that, a conversation needs to be ignited.

Together, this is a conversation of our future economic stability, innovation development, creative engagement, and, of your children.

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