Taking L’s For a Better Future

In this day and age, if you simply fail at something, people will say that you took an L (for loss). Which is not the first thing you’d like to hear after unsuccessfully attempting to ask a girl out.

Many people quit after taking an L. Their life is on a temporary pause while trying to figure out what to do next. People never realize that one L truly stands for “…long time to win” (not too good at this, I just wanted to add some motivation in your life) or it can stand for “Lesson” same thing.

You have to understand that L’s are essential to life (literally, you can’t spell “Life” without it). Without L’s you will not have a good Life, a good Love life, a good Learning capability, a good Luxurious home, etc. (you like how all the words mentioned started with an L? Me too, I loved it). But people hate taking L’s, they hate it so much they’ll try to avoid getting caught in vulnerable situations where they’ll be a magnet for L’s. Society teaches us that failing is shameful and embarrassing, that’s why people hate the thought of it.

An L is a disguise, It hides all the great accomplishments that comes with it. Taking an L will unravel the mystery of “what if?” Because now you know what to do. Taking an L will reveal the mystery of what jokes people have on you when you’re in desperate situations too, which is important!

When someone says I took an L it should translate to learning something. You see, I don’t have a fancy quote that goes along the lines of “learn from your mistakes” but what I do have is this strong urge to tell you to stop playing it safe when it comes to rich experiences in your life. Leave the safety for the helmets and the condoms and take an L already, It’s a part of the process.

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