Announcing Target Coin- World’s first Bonus Paying Crypto Fund

Target Coin
Jul 12, 2017 · 2 min read

Target Coin is a Tokenized long-short fund built on an Ethereum Smart Contract designed to generate risk adjusted returns on both price rise and price fall in the Crypto Currencies Market

Target Coin pays a guaranteed quarterly bonus to the investors.

Investment Strategy

1. A balanced long-short portfolio to minimise the market risk, market exposure and generate returns during both price rise and price fall

2. Using Machine Learning, Technical Analysis and Artificial Intelligence to analyse historical patterns and make short and long term trades.

3. Long-term investments in promising Crypto-Currencies

4. Order Splitting algorithm to place orders based on market impact combined by price-risk

5. Estimation of liquidities in different markets and using models to forecast short term price fluctuations based on probabilities

6. Quantitative Arbitrage across multiple exchanges in different countries

7. Hedging market risk by converting it into USDT and shorting during a bear market

Profit Sharing

1. A guaranteed quarterly bonus of 0.75% to the ICO investors

2. 85% of the profits will be given back to the investors every quarter

3. TGTCoin charges a 10% annual operations fee

4. TGTCoin charges a quarterly performance fee 15% on the net profits made

ICO Details

1. TGT Coin ICO launches on 15th July and ends on 31st August.

2. TGT Coin will issue 2 Bn Coins during the ICO

3. 400 Mn Coins are held by the pre-ICO investors.

4. Management Team holds 260 Mn Coins

All the funds raised during the ICO are held in the ICO and will be held in auditable exchange accounts afterwards. Details which will be shared with the investors.

Roadmap —

TGT Coin ICO starts on 15th July and ends on 31st August and the operations will begin on 10th September.
The first quarter will be from 10th September to 9th December. The 2nd quarter will be from 10th December, 2017 to 9th March, 2018. The 3rd quarter will be from 10th March,2018 to 9th June, 2018. The 4th quarter will be from 10th June, 2018 to 9th September, 2018. The profits will be distributed within 15 days after the end of every quarter.

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