Written by Zac Moffatt, May 20, 2019

We launched Targeted Victory’s public affairs group in 2017 to support our clients’ growing need for public relations, issues management, and executive positioning. In under two years, it’s proven to be a tremendous value to clients and an outstanding compliment to Targeted Victory’s…

What Stagwell Media’s investment means for us, and for the future of marketing

March, 2017: Axios broke the news that Targeted Victory received an investment from, and is forming a strategic partnership with, Stagwell Media LLC, a private equity fund founded by Mark Penn.

Our agency focuses on winning political elections and solving global corporate challenges. As we continue to chart our own…

It’s the fall before a Presidential Election. That means two things — football and debates are back! As part of our ongoing analysis of media trends that will drive decision making in 2016, Targeted Victory compiled viewership insights during the August GOP Primary Debate on Fox News. With the next…

Targeted Victory

Targeted Victory is a digital first agency built for the mobile age.

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