Our Commitment to Investing in Great People

As a friend of Targeted Victory, you well know about our expansion into the public affairs arena. Thank you for all the kind notes and smart ideas.

Stagwell Media’s level of insight and experience with the biggest global brands will help us open doors and build bridges between other Republican firms and Silicon Valley, Madison Avenue, and Wall Street.
Disrupting The Marketers, Medium

In the past 30 days, our agency added three top Republican strategists to our leadership team, and announced an exciting new partnership with Stagwell Media, LLC.

Targeted Victory gives Mark Penn a right-side counterpart to SKDKnickerbocker, founded by Democrats. Penn told me that paired with SKDK, “Stagwell now has strong political communications capabilities on both sides of the aisle. Commercial clients have a lot to learn from the political model about how to use online communication to more effectively motivate their customers.”
Axios, Mike Allen
Alberto Martinez, Connie Partoyan, Alex Schriver

The real story is this: none of these exciting announcements would be possible without the groundbreaking work of those of you who built our digital first agency.

Targeted Victory is not only committed to our clients, we’re committed to investing in great people.

We salute each and every one of our team members for their record of excellence and industry disruption.

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