LAU's Dr. El-Sibai wins Abdul-Hamid award for work on cancer research.

Out of 151 Applicants, she was one of ten selected.

Dr. El-Sibai wins the prestigious Abdul-Hamid Hallab REP service Excellence Award for the year of 2016. Her work on cancer — which is recognized internationally- has helped make great advances in the cure for cancer. She was given the award in Amman, Jordan

Dr. Sibai’s research focuses on “deciphering the molecular mechanisms and signaling pathways behind cancer metastasis”. For those without a medical degree, her research is about a certain type of cancer, in particular a certain stage of cancer called Metastasis.

According to the center of cancer prevention: “ Metastasis is the leading reason for the resultant mortality of patients with cancer”.

Her team have uncovered previously unknown abilities of actin cytoskeleton, PI3K and Rho GTPases agents in cancer cell’s. Those discoveries have been revolutionary in the field, and have been published in wide array of international journals. Her work with brain tumors and breast cancer cells in vitro and in patients has been acknowledged internationally.

With respect to the Abdul-Hamid Hallab REP Service Excellence Award, the reason given is to recognize the accomplishments of outstanding contributions to the mission of serving “the peoples of the Middle East and beyond”.

Dr.Sibai has worked since 2009 on cancer research, her views can be seen in this quote; “understanding how cancer cells spread would be the first step” towards reaching the utmost goal of prohibiting this spread. “Accordingly, my lab also focuses on a therapeutic approach and more interestingly on selective targeting of cancer cells,”
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