Here’s A Crash Course On Copywriting

Tarla Makaeff
2 min readFeb 10, 2022


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What is the secret of email copywriting that people can’t get enough of? Stories. And a lot of them. People mistakenly think of value as only how to’s, tutorials, tips etc… No, girlfran’, no!

Value also comes in the form of entertainment. Yeah, it’s not just for Netflix or The Real Housewives. You can also be a source of entertainment for your subscriber.

But what, oh what, to talk about? Anything from what you did today to one of the most epic stories of your life.

For me, this looks like… A dog food delivery that went wrong. A pumpkin patch outing that shocked me. Or a jury duty call that surprised me.

To: A skydiving adventure when I’m afraid of heights. A trip to Venice, Italy where I was left stranded on a dock at midnight. Or that time I was on TV as a child with Dyan Cannon.

If you’re thinking, what does this have to do with my business? Oh everything, friend. Because you tie your story back in to your business through a lesson.

No one wants to hear “7 tips to xyz” all the time unless you want to be as boring as elevator music. Yes, you want to provide tips, but you also want to be memorable. No one remembers boring facts. Everyone remembers exciting stories.

The emails I open as a copywriter? They’re from the storytellers.

So let people get to know the after hours version of you — the version only friends know — instead of the polished, buttoned up version you want them to see. They’re not only know, like, and trust you more… they’ll buy from you more.

What is one of your favorite stories that you can write an email about?

Tell me in the comments.



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