The Pope & The Devil

What do the Pope and the Devil have in common?

I’ve been reading the Tarot for while now and it’s incredible when I notice the reaction people seem to share both about the Pope and the Devil.

What most people don’t realize, though, is that Pope and Devil don’t differ that much. Regardless of the card you choose to study, the image is practically the same.

The Pope tries intermediates between two forces, whilst the Devil manipulates the same two forces.

Most people accept the stated above. It’s an opinion given to us mostly through Religion and Culture. But is it completely right? Can we assume that one is good and the other is bad?

I focus my Tarot readings on the present and what created that present. I focus on what’s going on inside people’s unconsciousness. I try to bring out what has been hidden by and through life.

That being said, when I see the Pope in a reading I see a strong external power manipulating in some way the consultant’s inner balance.

Religion teachs us that our internal drive must be concealed and hidden. We must follow a pattern to fit in.

When I see the Devil in a reading I read the inner personal power dying to get out into the world and be heard.

When we focus too much on hiding our inner drive, our internal power, we risk exploding as the inner pressure becomes too strong for the lid we put on it.

The Pope and The Devil do have more in common than we’d like to think. The issue that I mostly encounter in my readings is that people are much more used to deal with the Pope than with the Devil.

The Pope is the advice we get from others. It’s the examples we see and follow. It’s the patterns we feel safe in persuing.

The Pope can either be a mediator or manipulator.

The Devil is our inner voice we tend to either neglect or oppress. It’s the hidden talent we fear to bring out. It’s our true self we feel dangerous when persuing.

The Devil can either be a mediator or manipulator.

In this particular Tarot Reading, the consultant wanted to know why she felt depressed and down as frequent as she felt good. She was going through a tough break in her relationship where children were involved.

The World, being the first card of the spread, shows how her world collapse due to the rupture in the relationship. All 4 elements of her collapsed.

The Pope relates directly to why her world collapsed. A male figure intervened in her inner balance.

The Devil relates directly to why she feels good and bad alternatively. Her inner drive, her inner force, is in a battle with the Pope. The Pope (the male causing the rupture of the relationship) wants to control her inner balance. Whilst she herself, the devil, wants to have control over her life again.

The key to this reading is the fact that The World comes prior to the other cards, causing her to move away from the world. In this case Pope and Devil are in conflict with each other.

The key for this consultant’s freedom and self control is the understanding that the Pope is external and the Devil internal.

The Pope may try to influence the two figures on the card but none are actually tied to the Pope as they are to the Devil. They may choose to listen or not to listen.

The Devil, the inner drive, ties the two figures to its power. The Devil is also a higher card and closer to self realization.

Whatever the Pope may try to tell us to do, it always depends on our inner force, the Devil, whether we follow instructions or not.

If you, too, are ready for Therapeutic Tarot Readings, contact me for online consulting.

I Focus on freeing your inner power through unveiling what your unconscious is communicating.

P.S. whenever I’m requested to look into the future, I will always refer to the present. In other words; When consulted similar to “Will my future be this or that?” My readings will focus on your present situation and why you won’t reach this or that.

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