What advantages do shade sails offer?

If you’re looking for some extra shade, shade sail netting can be an extremely useful solution. Shade sails have an enormous amount of potential uses, offering an excellent, trendy alternative to a standard parasol or umbrella. Here at Tarpaflex we are delighted to provide a great variety of shade sails for all of our customers, both in in triangular form or in quadrilateral form.

There are many benefits to shade sails that can make purchasing them a better idea than plumping for a more traditional alternative. But what are a few of those benefits? Here are just five reasons why investing in a shade sail will help you to get the very best out of your outdoor space.

Transforming outdoor spaces
 Like typical umbrellas and parasols, shade sails are an attractive method of transforming outdoor spaces, keeping users cool from the sun or safe from the rain. One example of how you might use a shade sail is as a canopy in your garden during a summer party or BBQ. With a shade sail hanging overhead, your time outdoors is guaranteed to be a lot brighter.

Great for blocking UV rays

Some garden umbrellas keep out light but do not prevent the passage of harmful UV rays. Shade sail nets are made from UV-treated open-weave polyethylene, which blocks between 85–95% of UV rays from passing through. While shade sails aren’t the only solution for protecting your skin, especially if you have sensitive skin, they will certainly help.

Aren’t just suitable at home

Shade sails are not just suitable for domestic use at home in the garden. They also offer a practical, flexible way of providing shade for organisations such as schools and nurseries, as well as private enterprises like bars and restaurants. Whether you’re looking to give kids a quiet place to sit in the playground or to keep your bar customers cool in the summer time, shade sails are a great solution.

Easily fixable

Often coming with stainless steel eyelets on the corners, as well as a length of rope, many shade sails come ready equipped to be temporarily fixed to a wall. If you’re looking to fix your shade sail permanently to a building, you can do this by purchasing specialist hardware kits including handy equipment such as turnbuckles, snap hooks and pad eyes.

Available in different colours

It may be the case that you need a slightly smaller or larger shade sail for your purpose, or would like a certain colour of sail to best suit the overall décor of where it will be fixed. Our shade sails are available in sizes of 10ft or 16ft, with potential colour choices including beige, yellow, sand, dark green and terracotta.

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 Here at Tarpaflex our shade sails are just waiting to be purchased, whether you’d like to use them at home or as a work solution. We’d be delighted to discuss your individual needs and help you find the right shade sail for your needs. Please don’t hesitate to contact us today.