I’ve spoken a lot recently about The Tartan Explorer Foundation and today I’d like to take the opportunity to fully explain my vision for The Tartan Explorer Foundation and lay out my vision for the organisation that I am creating.

The Tartan Explorer Foundation is a not for profit social enterprise. Our core mission to promote happiness and positive mental health.

I will address these main points today.

  1. The problem.
  2. My issue with mental health in Scotland.
  3. My solution
  4. What is The Tartan Explorer Foundation
  5. Why?
  6. My vision.
  7. My philosophy
  8. How? — How do we help?
  9. People — Our team.
  10. Sustainability — How are we funded.
  11. Costs and expenses — Where does the money go?
  12. What is the problem?

Each year in Scotland 700 people end their own life. There is also an estimated 1 in 4 people who are suffering with some form of mental health problem.

2. My issue with mental health in Scotland.

I believe that far too much of the mental health conversation in Scotland is focused on raising awareness of mental health and removing the stigma surrounding it.

I believe these objectives are important, but I believe that a disproportionate amount of time, energy and resources is being spent on raising awareness and fighting discrimination.

I don’t believe there is anywhere near enough time or resources being spent on educating individuals with practical tools, knowledge and information that can help them improve their mental health, change how they feel and go on the journey to happiness.

There is far too much focus on the Government, the NHS and external support organisations.

There’s too much focus on external help and support as opposed to what we as individuals can do to change our lives, our mental health and how we feel.

To be really honest there’s too many people making excuses for why they have poor mental health. Too many people are blaming the government and the NHS for their mental health and there’s a lot of people refusing to accept any responsibility for their life or their mental health.

Mental health stigma and a lack of mental health awareness is not the main reason people have mental health problems.

3. My Solution.

I believe that we as human beings have to take responsibility for our own lives and our mental health. We have to accept 100% responsibility and stop blaming our poor mental health on the lack of support from Government, the NHS and the external support organisations.

I believe that taking action and changing ourselves is the most practical and liberating way to achieve happiness and positive mental health.

I believe that personal development, self help and taking action is the most effective way to overcome a mental health problem and achieve happiness and positive mental health.

The Tartan Explorer Foundation is going to be focused on helping and inspiring individuals to do just this by providing the knowledge, tools and inspiration to do so.

It’s not about blaming people or saying who’s fault it is for feeling the way you do. It’s nobody fault.

We help people by showing love and compassion for how they are feeling now. But at the same time also empowering people with the knowledge that they can change that by changing themselves.

The way you feel now is the result of everything that has happened in your life up until this point. It’s not about how you got here but about where you are going.

Make today your day 1 and take control of your mental health.

4. What is The Tartan Explorer Foundation

The Tartan Explorer Foundation will be incorporated as a not for profit social enterprise. The social enterprise will be dedicated to promoting happiness and positive mental health.

5. Why?

I spent far too much of my life suffering with poor mental health and falsely believing that I could never change the way I felt.

I then made a huge transformation with my mental health and realised that it is possible to overcome mental health problems like depression and anxiety.

I don’t want anyone to ever feel the way I used to feel. It’s now my mission to help and inspire others by promoting positive mental health and sharing my journey to happiness.

6. My vision

My vision is for a world where every human being has the happiness they deserve.

7. Our philosophy

My philosophy on positive mental health and happiness has 3 main pillars.

  1. Every human being has the potential for and deserves happiness.
  2. Every human being has everything they need for that happiness within themselves.
  3. To achieve this happiness it requires a lot of hard work and effort from the individual.

That’s it.

We all have the potential for happiness.

We all deserve happiness.

We have everything we need to be happy within us.


We do have to put in the work to achieve it.

That’s my fundamental philosophy and the core message that I will be hammering home.

8. How?

I’ve already mentioned how I believe self help, personal development and changing ourselves it the most effective and practical way to overcome a mental health challenge.

Our core work will be around providing individuals with the knowledge, tools, information and inspiration that will allow them to achieve positive mental health and happiness.

Over the last 18 months I have spent thousands of hours reading and learning about positive mental health and happiness, as well as implementing what I learned in my life.

It’s now my mission to take everything I learned and give it back to others alongside inspiring others that it is possible to change how you feel and achieve happiness.

I am in the process of taking everything I have learned and creating a blueprint called “My Journey to Happiness”

Our core work will be around the delivery and teaching of this blueprint to others.

I will aim to share the blueprint and achieve this mission in 10 key ways.

  1. “My Journey to Happiness” The blueprint will mainly be delivered via a free online course on our website with supporting blogs, articles and videos.
  2. Public speaking. Sharing my story and the lessons learned at events, schools, colleges, universities and anywhere that will allow me to share my message.
  3. Books. I have 3 books in the pipeline all of which are focused on sharing my journey, the lessons learned and providing the inspiration that it is possible to achieve positive mental health and happiness.
  4. Events, seminars and weekend retreats. Taking the journey to happiness blueprint and teaching it more in depth at 1–2 day events and our own residential weekend retreats.
  5. Coaching — Working hands on with individuals to take them through the journey to happiness blueprint.
  6. Education — Creating a journey to happiness course and curriculum that can be delivered in schools for kids age 4–18 years old.
  7. Workplace mental health. Creating a workplace journey to happiness course that organisations can implement to help their employees achieve positive mental health and happiness.
  8. Positive Support and voluntary activities — Having our own team of exercise, health and fitness professionals to provide services like group and outdoor exercise, yoga, mindfulness and meditation, talking therapies and cognitive behavioural therapy. Also organising voluntary activities like walking, arts and crafts, painting, drawing, gardening and general volunteer work to help individuals find hobbies and passions of their own.
  9. Government. We would also like to work alongside Government to influence proactive policies on mental health and happiness in a prevention focused way.
  10. Happy Houses. I would like to have our own prevention focused community centres in each community. These would be safe places where people can come to relax, meet other people and ensure that they feel part of their community whilst also learning new skills and improving their health.

These are the 10 ways in which the foundation will operate.

However the majority of these steps are longer term projects and initiatives.

The immediate short term focus is

  1. Public speaking.
  2. Creation and delivery of the journey to happiness blueprint.
  3. My first book.
  4. Sharing information and knowledge online via social media.

9. People — Our team

My vision is to build a team of 8 people who will be the drivers of our mission and work.

These 8 people will be paid employees and not volunteers.

  1. President/chairman — Responsible for overseeing the organisation and someone who I am accountable to.
  2. The Tartan Explorer — I will be delivering most of the work as the person doing the public speaking, writing, facilitating events and generally leading and driving the whole organisation.
  3. Writing assistant — Responsible for supporting and assisting all of our writing and book projects.
  4. Public speaking manager — Responsible for all aspects of my public speaking. Booking and securing opportunities as well as managing all inbound requests to speak.
  5. Video producer — Responsible for filming all of our online video content, recording public talks, interviews, general videos and in control of editing all of these videos to be shared online and via the website.
  6. Social media manager — Responsible for all of our social media activity and ensuring all of our content and information is being shared effectively across our social platforms.
  7. Events manager — Responsible for organising and managing our own events and retreats.
  8. Administrative assistant. Responsible for all administrative tasks, effectively managing my diary and allowing me to focus my time on the the areas I am best at.

Although we are not yet in a position to bring on paid staff. There is definitely opportunity for anyone interested who would want to get involved on an initial voluntary basis or on short term internships with the potential of becoming a paid member of staff at the end of these voluntary periods when we are a more stable organisation with the ability to hire paid staff.

So if there is anyone who likes the sound of any of these roles, please do get in touch by sending a direct message.

10. Sustainability — How are we funded?

We have many different sources of revenue that will allow us to be sustainable and carry out out work. I have listed them below for transparency.

  1. Book royalties — 100% of the royalties from my books will be donated to the Tartan Explorer foundation.
  2. Public speaking fees — Income earned from my public talks.
  3. Event ticket sales — Income from our own events and retreats.
  4. Sponsorship and donations — Financial support from our most loyal fans and supporters.
  5. Online course donations — Our course will be delivered free online but people will be asked to consider making a donation or pay what they think it was worth to them. Although there is no obligation to do this.
  6. Consulting and coaching income from our work with individuals and businesses.

11. Costs? Where does the money go?

  1. Salaries — The majority of our revenue will allow us to hire the team that will support and deliver our work.
  2. Office — We would look to have our own office in Edinburgh where the team can be based.
  3. Advertising — Promoting our information and support online through online advertising.
  4. Events — the costs of running our events and seminars.
  5. Online subscriptions and software to allow us to create the online content and information.
  6. Happy Houses — Investments in our own prevention based community centre’s.

Any surplus income over and above these costs will be reinvested back into the business and allow us to grow the organisation and deliver more of our work.

So I think for now this covers the main body of what The Tartan Explorer Foundation is, what our mission is, what we are trying to achieve and how we plan to do that.

All I can ask now is that to anyone who has been following or supporting, that you can continue to do that and really get behind The Tartan Explorer Foundation.

The Tartan Explorer isn’t just about me anymore, it’s much bigger than just 1 person.

But to fulfil our mission or achieve our aims we do require your help and support.

The most practical way to support is by donating or sponsoring through our website.


Allowing us to be sustainable in the short term is a huge priority and I would really appreciate all the help and support we can get.

There have been a lot of people who have asked how they can help and the most effective way of helping right now would be by signing up on the website to donate £5 or £10 a month to support our work.


This would allow us to be sustainable in the short term and if we could have 25–50 of our most loyal fans and supporters doing this it really would make such a huge difference and allow us to be sustainable in the short term, whilst allowing me to focus all of my time, energy and attention on building the foundation.

It’s an exciting time and I’m never been more excited or inspired my whole life.

The work has already started and I hope that you will continue to follow and support this next chapter of The Tartan Explorer.

Thank you

Josh, The Tartan Explorer