Hello, L.D. College of Engineering

These were my words, around 6 years back!

Main Gate — Lalbhai Dalpatbhai College of Engineering

Recently I was exploring Quora, and I found many people asking reviews and experiences about LDCE. So here I am!

At LDCE, I have spent 4 years studying, staying in hostel, organizing events and developing myself. I have learnt so many things from my friends and faculties. I would say it made me who I am today.

Today, I want to share some of the best memories about college life at LDCE, “My College Story”.

Hostel Masti

For the first time, I was away from my family. Initially, I missed my home. But not longer, thanks to my roommates. This is the place where I made lifelong friends and colleagues. We have spent four years together, celebrating birthdays, festivals, holidays; having deep conversations, preparing for exams, writing submissions, and the list goes on and on!

Also, this is the same place that taught me enjoying aloneness rather than cursing the loneliness.

On any day of my life, I would love to go back to LD hostel, if i’m allowed to do so!

LD hostel is one of the best places where I have lived. There had been so many great experiences at LDCE, but I don’t know why I love its hostel the most! If you get an admission in this institude, I would recommend you to stay in the hostel and experience following places.

Moon Night

2nd Block at Night

In our earlier days at LD, we used to roam around the campus around EC Building or near by ‘Students Section’ to access the free internet at Night. Yeah, I miss the high speed internet, but I long for those small walks which infiltrated my nostrils with the unforgettable fragrance of “Raat Raani”.

The college buildings shines like glitter. It was breathtaking to see the same campus at night, where I studied in day.

College Clubs

LD is known for its vibrant nature. The number of college clubs for almost every cause is enormous. In my opinion, this is the college having the maximum number of clubs; way beyond your imagination.

It has popular clubs such as, National Cadet Corps (NCC), National Service Scheme (NSS), Robocon LDCE, Vox Populi Club and Magazine, Advanature, IEEE, SAE, FOSS Programming Club, and many more which I just heard of but never interacted.

Every year many students participate, volunteer and co-ordinate these clubs. Every week, there are events being organized for students. This plays an important role in making students active in co-curricular activities.

Towards the dreams

Library at LDCE

We go to college not just to study, but to build our career, to build our future. LD is a government college with a prevalent misconception:

“In Government colleges, professors don’t teach. College is a time, where we get a chance to do what we like, to learn what we want. So learn by yourself and ask professors, they will definitely help.”

LDCE believes in conceptual and up-to-date knowledge and not only just classroom education, hence attendance was never much of a concern for me as I always provided some kind of my extra curricular technical achievement.

For the first time I got free time (by not attending lectures) to do what I liked. I utilized that time in learning programming, designing, developing apps, and many others. I started exploring opportunities and utilize them. While doing this, I had a constant support from my professors. They have always been there for me when I required any assistance from them.

I have been Microsoft Student Partner (MSP), developed many apps, participated in many national & international level competitions; and attended national conferences around the India. I just did not study what was there in books, I have tried to do more than provided. All credit goes to government engineering college professors.


One of the best things of this campus is its Canteen. It is known to serve good quality food at a minimal rate. Most importantly, I liked caring nature of “Anna” — Canteen Owner. I still remember some days, when I didn’t have cash but he filled my tummy.

Even some of my friends, who’re in other colleges used to admire its food quality and staff behaviour.

Nescafé’s Maggi

It has been the favorite place among the students to have tasty maggi, coffee and ice-tea. You can barely see this place deserted at any point of time, it is always occupied.

Mess for Aloo Paratha

The college has 3 messes (at the time I was studying), which provides good quality food at reasonable cost.

If you ever ask me to have a breakfast in Ahmedabad, I will always recommand Aloo Paratha, Bhakhri, Thepla and Tea, here in LD Mess!

Cricket Ground

In my opinion, LD is the only college in Gujarat which has very well maintained cricket ground. Such a huge ground is used for many sports activities like cricket, football; and also for college celebrations and events.

But my story with it is different! This is the place where I love to go and just sit; enjoying the fresh air, chirping birds and watch the transition from sunny day to dusk. I have spent many early mornings and late nights at this beautiful place. Many deep conversations of my life happened here, at cricket ground.


This typical regional name for an unsophisticated bench in courtyard, which might not be familiar to you, was given by one of my friend.

This place, which has witnessed many emotional moments, is a small platform nearby Nescafé, outside library. It had been our abode for gup-shups, surprise birthday celebrations, lunch, snacks, event planning, exam preparation, project meetings and most importantly hours and hours of debates. I would say my past lies here. There were many days when we friends used to just sit and talk, doing almost nothing.

“Sometimes, it’s better to bunk a class and enjoy with friends, because now, when I look back, marks never make me laugh, but memories do.”
― A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

That time I thought we were passing time but today, I realized that, we were “making memories”.

Mother Nature

The institute was established in June 1948 with a generous donation by the textile magnate Sheth Shri Kasturbhai Lalbhai. Hence College is named after his father as Lalbhai Dalpatbhai College of Engineering. Since then, there’s been continuous development in college in terms of infrastructure and facilities.

Beauty of the campus — In the Lap of Mother Nature

Since then, LD has maintained an excellent surrounding by various plants & trees around the buildings and roads. Even there are some places which feels like “mini forests”. Some of these places are still having closed boundaries. In monsoon, it’s heaven for those who want to enjoy the cloudy sky and feel the bracing scent of wet soil; revitalizing the body, mind and soul.

Knowing Incredible India!

During MSP Summit, Bhopal

I have been part of NCC and NSS. Being a volunteer, I got many chance to participate & travel India. My first out of Gujarat event was to National Youth Exchange Program, Mysore, Karnataka.

Being a part of MSP Program and other volunteering programs, I have travelled to Lonavala, Bangalore, Dehradun, Delhi, and Bhopal as well. All thanks to encouraging nature of my alma mater!


I’ve rarely attended lectures. Mostly one would find me somewhere in NCC/NSS office, at Hostel, Nescafé, Canteen or with any professor.

LD is blessed to have many successful, intelligent, inspirational and hardworking people as students & faculties. I was fortunate to spend my college life with them. They taught me life long lessons that helped me become who I am.

So, it’s collegemates not just classmates.


How can I forgot to mention you all fellows! It always feels great to work, to talk, to have discussions with you all.

There’s always been such an incredible and positive support from juniors in LDCE. Either it’s for organizing an event, planning a movie day, or some personal work, they have always supported seniors.

You have became an incredible part of my family!

You all have worked hard for re-creation of LDCE Website. It was our greatest time. I am thankful to have support from you all.

There are many places that I have not mentioned, such as ‘Rabdi ki Chai’, ‘Badminton Court’, ‘Tennis Court’, ‘Engine Point’, ‘Aryabhatta Auditorium’, ‘Annexe Building’ and our lecture rooms in respective departments.

It’s a nostalgic feeling to talk about LD. I hope whether you’re in LD or going to be, you will always love enjoying these places and make memories here!

To all my friends, 😊 Arpit, 🙇 Mori Rushirajsinh, 🙆 Appu, 😏 Dhwani, 😇 Dipal, 😉 Binit, 😂 Madhish, 🏃 Rushabh, 👻 Hima, 👦 Amirajbhai!