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For the past week we have been sick. Probably the cold but it sure was vicious. Headaches, fever, fatigue, loss of appetite, and oh the coughing! In fact a week later and I am still unwell. I knew I would miss my home when I left but I was not prepared to miss my doctor! We did visit a doctor last week who specializes in Chinese medicine. He prescribed a special powder concoction of herbs for each of us to take to treat the symptoms. While he was eerily correct in his assumptions I have not become a Chinese medicine enthusiast. Only for the reasons that 1) Chinese medicine tastes terrible & 2) it is herbal and therefor slow acting and mild. While I am all for the all natural route in most aspects of life I have trouble accepting that when I feel unwell. I will accept western medicine and its chemicals gladly in exchange for feeling normal as quickly as possible. Though in the end that may be the issue as I am still sick and Ryan(who hardly takes any medicine western or otherwise) is almost completely better. My immune system may not be able to fight its own battles very well anymore.

Once we felt well enough to leave the house we made a few day trips to Kaohsiung with relatives. One day with two cousins a few years younger than us and another with Ryan's great uncle & his family. Being able to spend so much time as part of a Taiwanese family I’ve noticed how different our cultures are to each other. I’ve started a list of the key differences and will write an article about it in the future! The take away will be that not only do I look like a foreigner but I act like one too ;)

Today was our first day of school! YAY! Cue the fireworks! Ahhh how I wish I was actually that excited. I haven’t had to wake up at 6AM in over a year. Also, the class isn’t quite what I was expecting…We went in knowing there were only 8 other students, but we thought they would be at about the same level of skill as us. Nope. We are in group A (the new students) by ourselves. Then there is group B (intermediate students) and group C (advanced students). This means that Ryan and I have a teacher all to ourselves…you might be thinking that this sounds great! And I understand why you’re thinking that way. To have that much individual attention is unheard of in America! But my boyfriend is incredibly intelligent (which is one reason that I love him! His brain is a fantastic thing) and I am just a person of normal intellect who learns at a much slower pace than he. I was hoping for other beginner students who might learn at a speed like me who we could study with outside the classroom. Instead I am surrounded by 9 students who all grasp the language at a level I can only dream of at this point. It is the first day so hopefully it gets better but I can’t say I had an extremely good day at school.

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