“You’re going to spend a lifetime in your skin, why not love it.”

In January of 2015, I started my self-care journey. This meant that I vowed to truly heal from the inside out (spiritually + emotionally + physically). In doing so, my first two priortities became eating healthier, and going to see a therapist regularly….I know I know these were two huge things to take on. Fast forward a year and some change later, and I’m still on that journey.

For as long as I can remember, I was always the girl who had curves but because I played tennis was still very fit. Well, that all changed once I stopped playing my Junior year of college. At the time I was getting over a breakup and decided I would lose the whopping 30lbs I’d gained over the course of that year. Needless to say, I came back my Senior year of college, fit and still me…..but after I graduated and moved to Ohio, I became an emotional eater once again. I always struggled with body image because of my natural curves, but as I got older instead of embracing them, I sought to hide them. Most of the time it was because of how I felt I would be perceived by others(men), and I didn’t want that attention. Often, I wondered how many women like me struggled with wanting to be healthier, wanting to embrace their natural curves, but NOT wanting to be viewed as an object of affection. This is the paradox that most women face daily. We see what the media portrays as beautiful, and as a result, struggle daily to make sense of our own beauty. So what can YOU do!? Well I’m glad you asked lol….. start by loving who you are inside/out right now (i know cliche but TRUE) at this very moment. I’m on that journey, just like the next woman. Eating healthier and getting back into regularly exercising, is a process lol …BUT I’m no longer beating myself up for looking the way I look. Instead, I’m looking in the mirror each day and affirming some part of my body or my personality.

sn: Yesterday I posted a video on snapchat( Tashaaa_) of me dancing in my mirror while getting ready, it’s the first time in a years where I’ve shown my body….and I’m so proud of myself. It may seem small, but it’s a huge step for me.

Stay true to yourself, and your values and #BeYOURownbodygoals, btw shout out to curvygirl fever for making dope shirts with the phrase “I’m my own body goals” you can find it here

With love always,

Tasha ♥

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