No Turning Back

The road after graduation…

It’s been 3 years on next Thursday, since I graduated from THE Winston-Salem State University…WOW time flies. If you would’ve told me that the past three years would be filled with so many high and lows it could make your head spin….I would’ve chuckled just a bit. I mean, I did everything right, right? I joined SGA (Student Government Association), played sports (Tennis), helped lead a march (little known fact, I risked being expelled for it), was inducted into two Honor Societies and managed to keep a social life…. shout out to all my Political Science Majors out there…holla if ya feel me! lol

I earned my way into the Honors program,and graduated Cum Laude, with four honor cords, and two medals….all to end up jobless and stuck wondering what to do, a week after graduation on May 18, 2014. Three weeks later I accepted a full scholarship to Wright State University in Dayton, OH…because after all, who wants to be at home on the couch after doing all the “right” things in college.

Graduate school was never in my plans, I just happened to always be a driven person, meaning I always kept a plan B. However, this way of thinking didn’t leave room for God to direct me. Had I obeyed three years prior, I could’ve avoided the frustration that taking out extra loans to pay for things outside of school caused.

Through it all, God showed me that his plans had always been bigger from the start. In the past three years I’ve won two national contests, mentored foster youth, been invited to a celebrity charity game, attended an awards show, been flown out to California twice + got to invite my parents along for the ride, won a car, and literally been in the same room as mama Oprah Winfrey.

You see there’s one thing that I’ve learned about this here post-graduate life, and that’s strap on your seat belt, raise your hands, and get ready for the ride. What you think are requirements for purpose , are actually man-made. Surprisingly, none of my most memorable moments have related to my degree.

Am I living the life of my dreams, ummmm not quite, but God has still blessed me beyond my wildest dreams. Has it been a hard journey, YESSSS, one filled with ramen noodle nights, plato closet day trips, and wondering is this what a life of helping others looks like? BUT walking in purpose was never a guarantee for an easy life…actually it’s like signing up for the most difficult path ever.

God has a way of prepping you for purpose by allowing you to walk through some of the most difficult seasons, that will ultimately place you right where he knew you needed to be to fulfill your destiny.

Soooooo my hope for all the graduates, is that after the celebration ends, and you find yourself wondering what’s next, remember to hold on to your faith, and let that be the lamp to your feet.

Grace and Peace always,


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