Why our dev team moved from Trello to Clubhouse
Tom Randle

It is really refreshing to hear your story and the problems you faced. I was in a similar situation and ended up building my own product.

One of the things i am currently working on to help product managers is to help automate the process of prioritizing the backlog. As a product manager i find that there are several things that consistently come into the decision making, size of task, % completed, priority, due date, business value and more.

When you have a huge backlog wouldn’t it be refreshing to have it automatically take that data into consideration and prioritize your issues based on those? It wont replace a product manager but it will certainly make the process simpler. The thing is that even if you reviewed your whole backlog this week, % completed, due date etc are variable data and what wasn’t urgent last week might be this week if its closer to the due date.

If you would like to beta test and see if it can make your life as a product manager easier, please signup at www.taskblast.net and contact us and well enable the feature.