How to easily tame your inbox

There used to be a time when people were actually excited when they heard the beep that announced a new incoming email message in their email client. Looking at my full inbox every morning, it is hard to imagine that this was a reality. Of course, a lot has changed since then. Email traffic has gone through the roof with more than 200 billion emails being send every single day.

With that amount of emails, it is no wonder that keeping track of your important mails — especially the ones you need to take action on — is not a trivial task. Most of us know the feeling you get when you receive an email like “Can you please respond to my email I sent you last week?”. Auwch, it looks like that one got lost in the mail!

This is why we’re very excited to release our brand new version of Tasks in a Box for Outlook to help you tame your inbox.

Tasks in a Box for Outlook

Turn emails into tasks

Tasks in a Box helps you to go through your inbox. Do you have an important email? Simply track it by turning it into a task in Tasks in a Box. Use due dates to schedule your work, organize your tasks in projects, add additional notes and use checklists to help you with your job. Less important emails can simply be archived or deleted.

Once you’ve cleared your inbox, you’ve got a list of tasks in Tasks in a Box for all the emails you need to take action on. Use due dates on tasks to schedule when you want to deal with each of these emails. Use your focus list to focus on those emails that are the most urgent.

The great thing is that we store your complete email together with your task. So when you’re processing your task list, you get the original email just alongside your task. Ready to answer that email? Just hit reply and you’re ready to go.

Snooze emails

Do you want to get reminded of an important email just inside your inbox? We’ve got you covered as well. Tasks in a Box for Outlook allows you to snooze an email. When you snooze an email, we’ll move that email out of your inbox and put it back on top of your emails at the chosen time.

Snooze your emails

Get your team involved

Most of us are working together with a team within our company or organization. We all receive emails that are better answered by one of our colleagues or where we need input from the team.

Use Tasks in a Box for Outlook to share an email with one of your colleagues or with your entire team. Task conversations in Tasks in a Box are a great way to gather input or give feedback on an email. Need input from someone specific? Simply mention that person to include him or her into the conversation. The great thing is that he or she has immediate access to the original email and all the past conversations. Much more efficient than forwarding emails, no? Unless you want some more emails that you need to handle :-)?

Get started

Go to the Microsoft Office Store and hit the “Add” button to add the Tasks in a Box add-in to Outlook. Note that an Office 365 account is required to use the add-in.

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