Tasneem Sharrem
Apr 30, 2015 · 3 min read

The road to becoming a Digital Mum: Part 1

I’m Tasneem and I’m halfway through my journey to becoming a Digital Mum. You’re probably thinking ‘what does that even mean?’ so allow me to enlighten you. In a nutshell, Digital Mums is a social enterprise that trains mums up to become social media managers. This works on a few levels as a) I love jumping on social media between my child’s naps (or on the go thanks to a shiny new smartphone) and b) having pondered my career options and the rising cost of childcare, would rather like to work flexibly. Bingo! Here was my potential solution to the ‘what comes next?’ question career-wise.

I stumbled across the organisation a while ago when I was looking on Facebook and lo and behold, an advert popped up in my newsfeed. Initially, I was sceptical, given the adverts that usually appear there, but something must have prompted me to click through and once I did, my curiousity was piqued. After reading the information pack, I decided I would bite the bullet… but not quite yet as I was still, quite frankly, trying to get a handle on this whole becoming-a-new-mum malarkey, so I waited until the start of this year. New year, new start #classic.

Traditional online courses which involve you solely watching video tutorials and reading material in isolation don’t really mesh with the whole vibe and buzz of social media. Unsurprisingly Digital Mums’ online training focuses massively on peer-to-peer learning and my eyes were opened to a world of Google+ Hangouts and tonnes of articles and questions posted in a dedicated community, not to mention the quick-fire Twitter chats. I really did tumble headfirst into a world of learning by doing and though it can be daunting at times, I love it. We even had a Digital Mums meet-up in REAL LIFE (yes, actual real life) at the rather swanky House of St Barnabas. I’m not even exaggerating when I say there was a whole room of amazingly talented ladies that I felt honoured to be part of.

Fast forward eleven weeks and I’m settling nicely into the role of Trainee Social Media Manager with my allocated business and feel rather competent as I prepare for my weekly 9:45am client catch-up calls as opposed to watching ‘Lorraine’ (I try to only watch a snippet of it while I eat breakfast and that’s just because the Hollywood celebrity catch-up and style features are a deeply guilty pleasure — don’t judge me). I am now a person who uses social media scheduling tools. I knew about Periscope and Meerkat before my geeky other half and even had to explain to him what they were. I also read social media management articles in my spare time. What a difference eleven weeks makes, right?

The main thing I’ve learnt over these past eleven weeks is that the way to thrive on social media is to focus on inspiring emotion in your audience. While it’s true that you do need to do a bit of luring and enticing, what’s important is to spread your message with a dash of humour and a human touch. That may sound like something out of a corny business guide but it doesn’t mean it’s not true. Be human, share some banter and tell your story. This is mine….

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