The road to becoming a Digital Mum: Part 4

At week 17, I am now in what Kathryn Tyler, my tutor and co-founder of Digital Mums, dubs ‘the home stretch’. I’m tantalisingly close to the finish line, I can see it, breathe it BUT I still have a shedload of content curating, scheduling and engaging to do not to mention a few assignments. Oh boy.

If blogging is about being authentic then let’s get real right here, right now: I’m going to own up to having found things a bit hard lately. There, I said it and you know what, I feel relieved that I am able to admit that. Let’s have a think about why it has felt a bit tough lately: So, you get to Week 11 and you’re testing your campaign and putting content out; then from Week 12, you commence your campaign in earnest and you’re pumped. Up til now, it was all rather theoretical and now you’re doing it for real and it’s liberating, nerve-wracking and thrilling all at once. You can see why it might be easy to peak too soon once you’re let loose on those platforms right? Fast forward 6 weeks and some of that energy you had when you first started your campaign may have started to wane a tad and you need a serious kick up the butt to get you to pull your finger out for those last few weeks and leave in a blaze of glory rather than a sorry tailing off. I think that’s why those cunning peeps at Digital Mums designed the course so a bit of peer-to-peer critique of each other’s live campaigns occurs at this point. Always one step ahead of us, eh?

As well as the nature of energy ebbing and flowing, I must confess that my child’s insanely quick transition from baby to rampaging toddler hasn’t taken me by surprise, as such, but… no, actually, that’s EXACTLY what it has done. What this means on my journey to becoming a Digital Mum is quite a bit less time to spend on my course work as I adjust to these changes especially since these days she doesn’t tend to nap in the afternoon anymore *sigh*. I’ve been compensating by burning the midnight oil but it does get a bit tiring after a while. It’s no wonder there have been some days I have struggled to keep up with it all.

It’s not all doom and gloom though, I went to the Digital Mums Summer social back at the splendid House of St Barnabas last weekend and had a jolly good time. There was meeting, plush seating and much tweeting #obvs. I’ll tell you something, there were LOADS of new mums this time round given that we’ve had at least three more cohorts join since the last social. We are a force to be reckoned with. An army of Digital Mums gaining strength in numbers. You don’t wanna mess with us, ya hear?

What I’ve learnt recently as I’ve monitored the statistics across my platforms over these last few weeks is not to get too hung-up on the numbers. I know that seems totally counter-intuitive but the numbers only tell half the story. Numbers don’t tell the tale of a quality exchange you might have had with just one person but that conversation left them feeling incredibly valued and impressed with your company. It’s great when your total reach is heading into the thousands like mine has a few times but this is because I’ve added some strategic post-boosting or adverts alongside my content. Take those away and the figures go back to ticking over. In summary, my fellow Digital Mums-to-be, know that every week on social media is different and not always predictable, just like life (deep, huh?). Sometimes a piece of content you share will surprise you with how well it is received and other times, perhaps it’s a bank holiday and people are out and about doing stuff other than checking their social media. Hard to believe but it does still happen sometimes (really). Don’t forget, you’re trainees and when things don’t go quite as you plan, you have to remember that you’re still learning the ropes and should cut yourself some slack. All I need to do now is take my own advice and crack on! Wish me luck…

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