Why I Left the Right: How Studying Religion Made Me a Liberal
Susie Meister

So now you understand Jesus better and that he cared for everyone regardless of their appearance, job, finances or sins but how is caring for people more aligned with Democratic policies than Republican policies?

If every life is sacred to God, wouldn’t Republicans be more aligned with valuing life through their policies?

If caring for the poor is of importance to Jesus, would a political party that does more in the short term to build a safety net or one that does more to create a free market where people can escape poverty and jump from lower class to middle or upper class be more appropriate for a Christian?

There is no Christian political party in the US and neither major party represents Jesus’ worldview in my opinion.

However, I do believe that true conservatism works to pass laws that give more opportunities to people and wants everyone to succeed while liberal policies perpetuate poverty and develop an underclass of people dependent on the government for support and numbed to the hope that they could pursue their dreams.

Your points about your evolving faith are informative but the article feels half written because I have no idea how “social services, women’s rights and LGBT issues” are either the responsibility of the government rather than the church or how they align more with Jesus’ life. He was generous with the power, he wasn’t lobbying Herod to raise taxes to improve conditions in the leper communities. He was a defender and champion of women in a time when they couldn’t even be trusted to be witnesses in court cases. But if you believe as a Christian he is the author of life, why would he support the “women’s rights” position of giving authority to end the life he created? If the bible says that we’re created male and female and speaks of God as being the perfect Father and great designer, how does that gel with LGBT frame of mind and their assumptions on how they were created and the choices they make?

Your article doesn’t explain why you think that the Democratic policies align more with Jesus’ worldview. Was it not the Republicans like Abraham Lincoln who signed the Emancipation Proclamation? What about the Democrats filibustering the Civil Rights Act in the 60's so it wouldn’t be passed? Or what about racist Democratic governors like George Wallace who combated civil rights for black people?

Politics are debatable on most issues but on racism, the Democrats history is horrible including being aligned with the KKK while Republicans have a much better legacy of ending slavery, championing civil rights, etc. And Jesus clearly has value for all people so he’s clearly not racist.

But curious what you think because I didn’t get to hear the full breadth of why you see Democratic policies as more beneficial to the poor, etc.

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