If your New Year’s resolutions are long forgotten, here’s how you can check-in and get back on track. July is a great month to re-evaluate and make mid-year resolutions to end the year well.

You remember January? That was the month that you were pressured into agreeing to eat only vegetables for six weeks. My guess is that you didn’t make it to dinner on January 2nd before grabbing a burger or piece of chicken.

That’s why I believe making mid-year resolutions can be even more powerful than making New Year’s resolutions.

I get the allure of a shiny new…

If you’re always waiting for the perfect time to start something new, you’ll never begin. Stop waiting for the perfect moment and start now.

Have you been wanting to get out of your job for quite some time? Have you been thinking that you really should end a relationship that no longer serves you? Do you dream of traveling? Are you longing to pick up golf again, or woodworking, or photography?


  • You can’t right now because your finances aren’t in order.
  • Your family needs you.
  • There’s too much going on.
  • You’re too old.
  • You’re too tired.
  • You’re not enough.
  • You’re…

Following a good diet is an important part of your overall wellbeing, but there’s more to great health than food alone.

I’m all about eating a healthy diet. I have a couple hundred DIY clean eating recipes to back me up on this.

Putting the right ingredients in your body will definitely give you more energy and have you feeling good, BUT it’s only part of the health equation.

What Your Body Consumes

There’s another a big, often overlooked component, vital to your health, and that’s your thoughts.

You could buy all organic ingredients from the dirty dozen list, but still not feel good.

A beginner’s guide to Meditation — what it is, why it’s helpful, and 6 ways to meditate that don’t include sitting crossed-legged on the floor.

You’ve read the research. You KNOW that meditation helps people reduce anxiety, sleep better, and live healthier lives, but you just don’t know how to begin.

Sitting still for any amount of time seems really hard and emptying your mind seems pretty much impossible.

Because of this, I’m not going to start with a zero to 100, everything you need to know to meditate article. …

Kelly Page

Wellness Warrior, Nutrition Nut, Recipe Writer, Real Food Fanatic, Restaurant Reviewer, Vino Vixen, Tenacious Traveler, Marketing Minx

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