Types of popular Fragrance of Incense Sticks

Incense sticks are made up of various base fragrances and each fragrance has its own charm and healing effect. The different vibrations and smells emitted by incense sticks make each type of incense stick unique. Experts from TataF Aggarbatti have revealed a list of most popular fragrance of incense sticks. Read on to know more:

• Musk incense sticks: This is one of the bestselling fragrances of all time. This particular fragrance helps the body to relax and helps in strengthening the will power of a person.

• Amber incense sticks: The aroma of this incense stick is blissful and therefore it is often known as the “nectar of gods”. This fragrance helps in the treatment of a lot of ailments in aromatherapy. This fragrance is so attractive that it works as a wonderful room freshener as well.

• Cinnamon incense sticks: This flavor was developed in hundreds of years ago and the sole purpose of this fragrance was to improve concentration. This is the reason why the priests used to use them during their meditation sessions. Even today this is one of the most popular fragrances in Egypt. The smoke emitted by this incense stick also helps in curing digestive ailments.

• Cedar incense sticks: Cedar wood is known to be highly aromatic and in the ancient times it was used to build temples. According to the ancient books this incense stick promotes prosperity and wealth. This fragrance is also used to cure nervous disorders.

• Copal: It is believed that this fragrance helps in removing all the negative vibrations from the surroundings. It is advised to light this incense stick during important prayer ceremonies and religious functions.

• Jasmine: It is known to be the aroma of moon goddess Diana. It stimulates the feeling of joy. It also helps in creating a positive atmosphere.

•Sandalwood: It is one of most loved incense stick and it helps in relieving stress and anxiety. Most people feel that this is the best fragrance in the world.