The Tonic Bank

Welcome to The Tonic Bank, a Queue-ing protocol that aims to build a sustainable ecosystem for long term investors.

Contract : 0xC9BDF62c2202fF6b84E399A21819203ec95c0B85

Find the Tonic Bank at :

All fees collected from Tonics’ side of the protocol will be 50% reinvested in the VIP vault and 50% airdropped directly to holders.

About The Bank

Tata’s Tonic Bank is built by a product-based company who specializes in building innovative technology with its members having expertise in everything ranging from deep tech such as state-of-the-arts machine learning and blockchain paradigms to marketing in the toughest of niches to penetrate.

Why Invest in Tata’s Tonic Bank?

Crypto is a volatile market. There will be ups and down. It requires constant monitoring of the market situation. The Tonic Bank employs Bots and experts to continuously track and maximize your return.

Queuing is one of the salient feature of the protocol. It’s an instrument to differentiate short term traders from long term investors. The protocol shall have many slots with definite capacity. The investors who invested first moves toward the higher slot. The higher slots shall have highest return to incentivize investors. Any part withdraw shall move the deposit to the bottom of the queue.

What is the rate of interest?

We offer pools with three variants of risk return ratio. Each pool shall have many slabs with fixed capacity. Highest slab attracts best interest and is occupied by the early investors. As the investment volume increases, the capacity of the slab get increased and more investors can occupy higher slabs.

High Return and Risk

Interest Earned per day

Slab 0–2%

Slab 1–1%

Slab 2–0.75%

Slab 3–0.5%

Slab 4–0.2%

Medium Return and Risk

Interest Earned per day

Slab 0–1%

Slab 1–0.75%

Slab 2–0.5%

Slab 3–0.2%

Slab 4–0.1%

Low Return and Risk

Interest Earned per day

Slab 0–0.75%

Slab 1–0.5%

Slab 2–0.2%

Slab 3–0.1%

Slab 4–0.05%

What is the source of return?

The invested coins are traded and invested with strict risk management optimizing the return for a given risk appetite. The protocol shall use both Bots and experts in order to make decisions.

What if the investment yields better than expected Yield?

If the investment results better than expected yield, the principle invested is compounded. The daily rate of return would be kept constant. In case if the investment results is not matching up with the return, the principle invested is depreciated.

How do I Withdraw?

You can withdraw anytime and there is no locking time. While withdrawing partially or while claiming your interest, your deposit goes to the bottom of the queue. For example if you are enjoying the benefits of the top slot and if any interest is claimed or part withdraw was done, then the remaining part of the investment reaches the lowest slab.

The withdraw request is processed in 24 hours. You can claim the withdraw after that any time. This time period help us to keep exact liquidity for withdrawal and hence your investment is 100% maximized elsewhere!

About Tata’s Twisted Tonics :

Our project is truly one of a kind in the Cronos ecosystem. We are centered around 100k deflationary NFTs that are constantly working on building upon our already large staking and compounding pools of $dbf, $candy and $cro. Along with very affordable mint prices (max price 30cro) we also offer something SPECIAL: a burning mechanism on our NFTs. We will begin airdropping rewards at 50% mint completion, so don’t miss out on picking up as many as possible!! LFT

Check us out at: Discord :

@Tatastonics on Twitter


High return for long term investors

Investment option based on your risk profile

Optimum use of Bots and Experts to maximize the return.



Hyper deflationary nft project on the CRONOS network

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