One Night with the Night

Dark and covered in shiny… There she goes… without any fear ready she is…

‘’ Come what comes!’’ She says while she’s loaded with guts and a wild spirit for revealing herself. While she parades her class by night, the expression “being savage to my existence” is gaining more life and secrets are rising, because the daylight is so indiscreet that the luxury of letting yourself bewitched by it is almost a sin.

And because all night sins has forgiveness, she goes ahead without saying no!

Her eyes represent the night lull, her silence her discretion and her smile conveys a silent message of how the evening can be magical without lights on.

Described as wonderful, she is also the majesty of painful honesty, the same one that does not let anyone escape or even try to hide from her pain when the sun sets… Between errors and hits, sins and pardons, she is even the night walking in one night with a brilliant mind like the Stars, a dark heart like the sky and secrets of various formats like the moon…

The more they strive to find her and give her a face, the Universe observes secretly the several nights walking through the night!

With love

Tatiana Canana