How can I improve my performance ? I often get asked

How can I please my partner when I’m not lasting very long…well here is how it works…

Why do we seek sex ? it’s the nice pleasurable feeling of enjoyment that we all want, which for women is connection first and foremost. And with that comes a connection to relaxation and being satisfied, having fulfillment on several levels.

When a man has sex, that feel good feeling is there until as he ejaculates, naturally he wants to experience that feel good feeling again. Men like to brag that “I cum 2–3 times a night” because he wants to feel that feeling over and over that always stays in his genital area; so the connection that men have is primarily in their genitals, which is a genital climax not the orgasm that women experience.

When a woman orgasms; that feeling travels all through her entire body so for a woman she feels energized with a feeling of vitality after sex, and this is why men love watching pornography. Just think of it, have you ever wondered why women have no interest watching men ‘getting it on’ with other males? Men do not have the full body orgasm that women do…so are fascinated how women experience this feeling so fully when they do not.

The energy flows through a woman’s body after orgasm she feels alive and fulfilled, men mostly feel tired and drained, this is what every man has told me. When I teach men to get their energy flowing through their body, they feel alive and the stress factor slowly melts away, its very simple practicing connecting to that feel good feeling slowly getting their connection back, that missing part with themselves that they lost as a result of using sex for stress release, as most men do unfortunately.

This is because men are ‘in their head’, with all the decisions from their working life the stress builds up and men have ‘put it together’, that to release stress happens via their genitals. There’s nothing wrong in using sex for satisfaction, but when men rely on it for fulfillment only, as most men do, their narrow band of using sex for fulfillment limits the energy in their body to the genital area only. This means the energy is not spreading through the rest of their body as it does with women. This has long-term effects.

The stress builds up so they masturbate or go to adult services to release, as men frequently do. The disconnection becomes more and more acute as all the energy is focused in their genital area only, which affects their prostate, their heart, and their relationships. The figures show that 20,000 men per year have the triple bypass surgery, figures that did not mention double by passes or quadruple bypasses, nor the men who were still waiting nor the men who didn’t make it to their operation.

The question to ask here is when do we hear of women having the tipple bypass surgery…? of course women have heart surgery and problems, but what is the percentage compared to men ? bearing in mind that those figures are from several years ago.

So how can men get the best of both worlds ? Start to get connection on more than one level, use sex for relief, don’t limit your satisfaction to sex only, have other avenues for this and seek satisfaction in the creative fields, like sharing and participating with heart felt activities. Hobbies, group meetings, courses, bush walking, country drives, so many things to share in nature all opens choices and heart connections. You will see how easily this works or for faster results get the benefit of actually learning the techniques for yourself, you can even download them :
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