Tattooing Is Not For Everyone

Its not possible for everyone to be a Tattoo artist …

Being an artist is not that simple, it requires sacrifices, blood, sweat and tears . Alot of disappointment, failure, pain and hard work. I remember back when i started how hard it was, troubleshooting the small things like the settings on my tattoo machine or the right size needle and how i evolved eventually into what i am now . Going through shit and hail to accomplish another milestone.

I started out without any guidance, so i learned all i know by trial and error (which is not the correct way) Yes, i made mistakes some big, some small but i grew from them, i learned and i was getting better through my mistakes. It was hard, painfully hard.

I talked to alot of people trying to get into tattooing reminding them that is not that easy as it looks. It takes hard work and dedication.

The story goes like this : Most people go into shops and have a tattoo, paying a large amount of money, thinking that tattoo artists get shit loads of money . So people think “he/she is not smarter than me i could make this money’’.

Now this is the real story , tattoo artists don't do large tattoos every day , some days the don't do nothing . We have a large amount of expenses to cover , we use top grade materials to achieve great results. We need to upgrade our equipment constantly so we use top tools of the market . Some times we get good money sometimes we dont have money for petrol . But our work gives us a special kind of pleasure, we feel complete by doing what we love and have the chance to meet great people and go to fantastic places . But not everyone can go through the hardship of being a good artist, and half way there they are looking for the nearest exit and they change their field of work .

The life of an artist is not for everyone

The only thing that we are trying to teach our apprentices is that this is a unique way of life , you eat, sleep and live for tattooing.It's not suitable for everyone. If you are a future artist or an apprentice , prepare yourself for this kind of life. A lot of tattoo schools are popping out here and there, but they wont teach you what an apprenticeship will . So if its your choice to be an artist nothing will come as you expect it, nothing will be as you imagined it to be. Its gonna be hard but very rewarding in the end , stick to your goal and take one step at a time so you can achieve what you started out to do.

If you are under the wing of a ‘master Tattooer’ or a professional Tattoo artist call it whatever you want , you should start your apprenticeship as a glass half empty, not as a glass half full . The things you learned over the internet might not suit the style or way of tattooing your teacher wants to deliver. Using wrong techniques and not listening to actual experience is a huge mistake .When you agree to an apprenticeship, you agree for someone to teach you the level he/she is and probably higher if you are talented. Doing what you think is right is probably completely wrong. Prepare yourself to delete everything you know so you can have a correct and proper start into drawing and tattooing. Let experience guide you .

Till next time….


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