Valerie Vargas Tattoo Age Review

Valerie Vargas | Modern Classic Tattoo |
“Tattooing found me, thankfully, & this is the way now.”

Valerie Vargas is a Scottish tattoo artist & co-owner of Modern Classic, a tattoo parlour in London England. In September of 2012, Valerie participated in a three part docuseries for VICE called, Tattoo Age. In her series, viewers withness an intimate look into the tattoo artist’s artwork Frith Street, & her boyfriend, fellow artist, Stuart Robson. In 2012, the pair tattooed together in London, England at Frith Street Tattoo in SoHo.

“You will sit here & I will cause you pain, hehe…” — Valerie Vargas, Tattoo Artist at Modern Classic Tattoo

In part one, viewers get a glimpse of what makes Valerie, a young Scottish Venesualians’s work amazing. Valerie is known for her skill in creating Girl Heads, tattoos that focus on the femail face in a number of various emotions, styles, & poses. Valerie’s personality is sweet & considerate, in part one viewers see how much of a name she has made for herself in the 5-years she had been tattooing at the time.

“This is the next generation of tattooers…” — Dante Dimassa, Frith Street Owner

Part two of three, starts with a quote from Dante, the owner of Frith Street on his opinion on the next generation of tattooers. Part two dives less into Valerie & more about Frith Street & the fellow artist’ & owner who surround themselves with the artist, Valerie Vargas. It isn’t until a third of part two, where viewers get a close up look at Valerie’s flat in London & get insight into the artist’s early career & what lead her to Frith Street.

“I remember Valerie came into the shop & her tattoos were clean. She didn’t have a set style at the time… it wasn’t what she is doing now because the evolution of a tattooer starts when you find yourself comfortable in a place… I guess she felt comfortable at Frith Street as a place to settle down & start doing whatever it is she does now.” — Stefano C., Tattoo Artist at Frith Street

Of all three parts of the VICE docuseries, part two is the most engrossing of the Valerie videos. It is in this section that viewers see what inspire the artist to have become the powerhouse tattoo artist she currently is. The two, Valerie & Stewart, her boyfriend, discuss career options they may embrace in the future in regards to Frith Street. However, years later the two artists would finally leave Frith Street & create Modern Classic Tattoo, a tattoo shop the two would later co-own.

“I F*CKING LOVE YOU!” — Stewart Robson on Valerie confessing her love for him

In the final bit of the docuseries, viewers get an intimate peek into the artist’s love life with her partner, Stewart Robson. Stuart describes the differance between the two artists & how working together has helped the two progress tremendously. In this look into the artist’s life, viewers complete the artist profile on Ms. Vargas. It is clear that the two surround themselves in a world that revolves around the twos career.

“I keep reminding myself, I’m a 30-year-old woman, I’m not a 15-year-old girl… I need to learn to drive, I need to learn to do things… (Stewart) is going to help me become a little more domesticated.” — Valerie Vargas, Tattoo Artist at Modern Classic Tattoo

The series wraps up as Valerie & Stewart stroll through the London Zoo, hand in hand as they playfully talk about small critters the two witness with the tone of a lone Spanish guitar playing as Valerie & Stewart walk into the distance of the Zoo as the VICE credits roll.

5 out of 5 Stars!

-Author, Terin D.