How can we always cover what we do? We always seem to MISS a bit of info out.

We are currently scribbling lines through the website, looking for smart examples to try and make it cleaner, more FUN and cover all questions.

Today we added a widget that made the “Testimonials” slide…… no one has seen it yet… only us, we keep clicking on it and squealing.

We happily go through the day, opening up customer orders, farming designs out to the Tailors, thinking we are super good & everything makes sense.

THEN BAM, a question pops up from someone looking at our website, that we appeared to have not covered properly. Like the one below.

(We do include colour in the price as it happens. Colour, black & Grey all the same price. We tell you about it now, as we FORGOT to put that bit in.)

We made a MISTAKE, it should of been there for everyone to see and its really bloody annoying that we missed it.

Part of trying to build a simple, interesting website is getting as much information as possible across in as few words as possible.

Do we try and use images to get the message across? Should we use our celebrity clients to tell the world what we do? We are really proud of our work and really proud of all the humans that put their trust in us to design them a tattoo.

As this is written, we know this is a good thing to do, we should do more of it and tell the world about it, but we seem to shy away from it.

Jodie Marsh with her tattoo image we created of Ralph.

If we show before and after shots of clients designs, they might get upset we used their design, which is totally understandable. Also their progress shots can sometimes be a bit WEIRD, not being a professional photographer so the imagery can make our page look SCRUFFY, in the end we avoid using them.

See example below (the client is super happy with us doing this and his photography is BRILLIANT so that’s all OK!)

Custom Tattoo Design we created

Real Progress photo of a tattoo from our design

It is our job to give the pictures a voice. It is our job to make sure you know what the heck is happening when you click onto the website. It is our job you trust us with your MONEY. It’s that simple.

You can trust us with your money, we will create you something that is amazing but somehow sitting here analysing the website, we are missing those final bits which instill trust and its really bloody annoying.

WE ARE NOT a go-to Tattoo imagery platform, like TattooDo, WE ARE NOT a small, weird little person who draws the odd fairy and tries to be an all-engaing tattoo designer.

WE HAVE lots of HUMANS with crazy brains drawing like mad ideas and we cant seem to just get that message across.

So cheers to sitting here in our pyjamas playing with widgets and trying to show that we REALLY DO honestly care deeply about what we do without being boring.

Lots of Love

Tattoo Tailors


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