I feel very uncomfortable about the fact that I don’t have any of those work labels created by society. The society that, perhaps naturally, have established them. I literally do not fit them at all. Do you think this is a problem? Is it my own problem or society’s problem? Several times when I wanted to be part of them I suffered so much that I ended it up felling deeply disconnected. For example, I love chatting about some liberal topics like freedom, healthier life, sustainability, love, beliefs, spirituality and others. I almost fit 100% in a liberal or alternative group because I do believe in the “new era” and the more collaborative world with opportunities and less prejudice. The drama begins trying to connect with those people in order to feel more welcome.

I realized that I am not like them and I don’t have their lifestyle and same values. Yes, I’m a vegetarian. But I do not hate those who are not, I even think they can eat whatever they want. Yes, I believe in natural childbirth. But I do not think a child should not have a tablet. Yes, I love nature and love trekking. But I definitely do not smoke marijuana at the summit of mountain, just to fell happy. I am naturally happy. Yes, I believe we have to be happy doing our jobs. But I do not think we need to gain little or nothing for them. Yes, I do not use expensive and branded clothes. But I do go to the hairdressers and I use perfume. It will be an endless contradiction. I realized then, that they label themselves too much that they end up being as much as discriminating as the capitalists, for example.

So therefore, I decided to get along with business people, because I do love to entrepreneur. However, I’ve noticed that if you wake up a bit later than majority of them, you could be labelled as less productive than them. What if I don’t have a good car; does it mean that I am not successful? I also realized that they eat lunch at the same time, but they don’t even look at each other’s face. They leave their jobs at the same time, so they’ve created the famous peak hours. There are all stressed out at traffic jam and go straight to the gym to work it out. They end up getting even more frustrated by not having a good shape. Definitely I don’t belong to them, but I love business. So what? They are impeccably dressed, pass me and they don’t even say hello. I don’t care, I will still wear my no hill shoes, say hello to them and talk friendly. Unfortunately, my priority is not to have money, wear Prada, go to New York every year and become a CEO of a huge company. What most satisfies me, they would be considered stupidity or a waste of time.

So what about it now? Who am I? What about the beauty and harmony of the artists?

How beautiful it is to talk and get along with them, the most creative way of living. Everything for them is beautiful, everything is free. I love the artist’s energy and to learn from them. I could use 100% of my creativity being around them. But, almost without noticing, they’ve just became their own egos. They talk a way too louder. Their music is always “their” authorship; and their architectural design cannot be changed at all… However, at the end of the day, they get together and celebrate something. But what is real? I don’t know. About this whole artistic way of living; I’ve decided to be less artificial than them. Their arts can overcome truth, and my transparency does not belong to them.

What about the scientists, teachers, masters of degrees, doctors and developers? Their life style is fascinating, they spend hours reading and studding something. They are alike me; they could buy hours if there is some available at the market. The difference between us is that I get some output or some insights after reading; where they only turned to have one theory that needs to be proven at the end of their readings. There are so many theories that I do not know how they can fit all of them inside their heads. I do not read to prove any thesis. Again, I find myself away from them and from their labels. What really fulfils me is to put things on practice, and try them all. I also deny their lack of faith. Their scepticism and the fact that they have to prove everything, leave them to a blind spot. A spot that I won’t fit. What would life be without following your inner voice? In my search for balance between mental health and spirituality, I would be a way to criticized by them. So I continue reading and writing just for pleasure.

And now? Can I be myself without a label? I’m not sure. I don’t have any label. I don’t fit them at all. I fell discriminating, challenged, envy, competing, proving beliefs, I felt uncomfortable and without creativity trying to fit me in a label. I’ve tried to be part of them sometimes. But I couldn’t. In fact, I am all of them.

Where can I work in order to feel more comfortable and productive? Where can I go out tonight and have a good chat? I don’t know exactly. So I’ve decided to stop seeking for a label. This place probably does not exist. But that’s fine, I can create one.

But there is a question that always follows me and I often get confused by answering:

“What do you work with?” Well, I keep answering it: “I work with love. “

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