This person is too preoccupied with the troubles that they are facing in their own life to actively encourage you, and you’re being too sensitive.
Help Your Haters.
Kiki Schirr

What I’ve realised over the time is that you can afford to pursue your dreams only after you have your daily bread in order.

There is a huge part of the society that doesn’t have that first roadblock taken care of. Once they can afford to see beyond the troubles of today, they can indulge in their dreams and help others with their own.

There’s another part of the society that doesn’t want to put actual thought into bringing their dreams to reality, because it’s scary. Letting go of the steady income and safety of the harbour is difficult.

I’ve had a similar encounter with some people higher up in the organisation I used to work with, I wanted to help them see the bigger picture, maybe I succeeded, maybe I didn’t. I tried nevertheless.

Here’s the story if you wanna read:
Good cop bad cop