of wizards and worms

We currently as a nation are the connoisseurs of misconstruction. We are teeming with desire to track down a reason as preposterous as an actress’ ethnic background or a singer’s nationality to go ban something as far as a good film. Their vociferous rebuttals without even taking up the pain of watching it. With all due respect to my kinfolk and all those ingenious people who take to the streets at the mere mention of words, do you actually sit down patiently, watch the entire film, mull over it and then arrive on an opinion or do you just feel the need to make a fool of yourself in the middle of this big farce. What good is your faith if it is shaken by a mere display of others’ viewpoints? We ban dairy milk commercials because some kid is licking chocolate remnants off her fingers; we protest against a movie because an indian girl falls in love with a pakistani boy. Why protest against issues which are beyond their comprehension, to me, is an aberration. The least you can do is finish your homework before misconstruing incomprehensible theories. Our definition of idealism has taken a severe turn to the surreal. Our political outfits in all their wisdom have stopped feeling the need to be rational in their protests. Now its either about political rivalry, publicity mongering or sensationalism(i am hoping I’m wrong on this one). Gone are the days when these folks needed an agenda. In this pointless pursuit however, we’re overlooking the issues that are waiting to be highlighted. These incidents herald a bad taste of things to come. We neglect the need to infuse civic sense and ethical morality or the need to provide basic amenities to our law abiding tax paying citizens. Off late, we also tend to abominate a scandalous actress. Shouldn’t what he/she does in their spare time, be business of their own of course unless its harmless or lawful. Another hypocrisy I wanted to point out is why are we so tabooed by sex? Weren’t we the nobles to invent the greatest existing literary work on sex? Don’t you think we owe to ourselves to pay more heed to vital crisis which are clouding our society instead of the petty issues we currently partake in. Human sensibility has taken a leap of ignorance into a cesspool of nonsense. The question is, are we going to continue with this nonsensical behavior or are we going to overcome it? Do you chose to be a wise wizard or a witless worm?

Originally published at tavernist.blogspot.in on May 4, 2015.