The Final Frontier in Cloud Computing

We are on the brink of the prophesied Machine Age and there couldn’t be a crazier time to be alive. Artificial Intelligence, Mixed Realities, Cloud Computing and Quantum teleportations are emerging up to be chiselers of this civilization. Unheard theories are deliberated, miraculous experiments are being fearlessly tried and tested, colonisation on Mars has become neighbourly gossip. Technology if anything today has unarguably become the cornerstone of mankind.

However, dust settles quickly on these technologies for they have grown to be only ephemeral fascinations for us. Curtains are falling on them before we even harness them to their fullest. Cloud computing, one of the most startling inventions of this century is yet to reveal its most potent gift to its audience. It has encompassed every sector from Education, defense, personal computing, Science, Agriculture, Commerce to Design except for one, a sector that practically created its own demand — Gaming.

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Think about it. How can cloud computing not only power Gaming but change it forever? The possibilities are droolworthy. Gaming has become a competitive spectrum but not without posing some daunting problems to its users. Slow latency, inadequate configuration, constant change in requirements, insufficient storage & RAM, you name it. The PC you assemble today may be obsolete tomorrow, the console you own today maybe arcane tomorrow. Legacy support and backward compatability are nightmarish experiences for every stakeholder involved.

About the only thing that can put an end to this misery is hold on.. wait for it — Game Streaming. If I can stream packets of high res data to stream my movie, what’s stopping me from streaming an entire game for me to play it? 
Why stream, you ask? Why not? There are a handful of companies like Otoy Inc. that are into this bleeding edge technology called GPU based software which put plainly is Cloud Based Graphic streaming. Imagine a netflix for games where you simply logged online and streamed Halo in all its graphical glory without any lags. Ofcourse, this would demand a titanic infrastructre from the gaming studios and lighting fast bandwidth from the ISPs and users and in terms of that, this possibility may be half a decade from commercialisation. Web hosting services, ISPs, gaming studios, CoDec developers, networking organisations, cloud computing platform providers and most improtantly — we users, all have a role to play in this revolution that is underway. With that being said, cloud computing is nowhere near exhaustion. Who can fathom what cloud computing and virtualisation together might lead to? 
I am barely scratching the tip of an Iceberg.

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