We are developed you say?

In a nation where enjoying Game of Thrones and myriad other TV shows or swaying suavely to compositions by Eminem and Pitbull (also Honey Singh just in case you thought you were being ostracized out of the hollywood league), civility is not a big driving factor of our etiquette as a group. How many of us paid heed to the value education class and the moral science class in our schooling days? Is academic education enough to get us through the rest of our lives or does civic sense equally contribute to shape what we are and what we turn into? Why aren’t these values imbued into our daily activities of our everyday lives?

I’ve mulled over this contrast in our society on several occasions and many confrontations have substantiated my opinion on this issue in a succinct manner. Given our exposure to everyday life, social etiquette may not be counted as one of the ingredients in the soup. Take instances like commuting in local trains, local buses, standing in queue for buying movie tickets or while strolling through the local zoo or a museum(the most common hotspot for uncouth behavior). Regardless of which public place we’re in, its highly expected of us to behave in a civil way towards the environment but sadly frequenters to such places don’t behave in a way that is deemed appropriate.

Let me clarify my point before i begin to hear of my transgressions and bear the brunt of certain creeds. Aristocracy and elitist behavior is not what I’m pointing out here but to be gentlemanly and civil towards your peers or your environment is the mark of a developed and an elevated society. One doesn’t need to be wealthy to be civilly refined. Our society has blossomed into an organization where you see an average joe possessing etiquette and a spoilt ignoramus leaving entrails of cigarette ash and garbage behind. Industrial progress although economically viable in the absence of moral values is socially liable. Social regress equally stuns our development and its this epidemic we need to cleanse. I’ve confronted this regress on numerous occasions. The absence of ‘sorry’ when you’re remorselessly elbowed inside a local train or when you’re volleyed with oral spits spewing accurately out of people’s mouths while walking on the streets are merely some of such instances to name a select few.

Why do we roam around in RayBan’s with Armani Suits, our wrists nestled with Rolexes and our feet assuming designs by Jimmy Choo when we can’t utter an ‘Excuse me!’ after a royal burp or a ‘Please move aside’ (again, not being an elitist. you might as well utter it in Hindi or your local language but kindly do so) when you’re traversing through a dense crowd clogging the entrance of a train or a particular place. Let us first endeavor to grow as a society first and then, professionally. Absence of either will cause a hindrance in the development of ourselves and our society. These are minute actions with huge impacts. After all, moral values pave the way for social development.

Originally published at tavernist.blogspot.in on May 4, 2015.

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