6 Things To Know About Kayaking In Charleston SC

Kayaking In Charleston SC

It’s no surprise that kayaking in Charleston SC can be a lot of fun. I’m learning to appreciate lots of things about the low country that I didn’t appreciate (or know) before.

For several years now, Charleston has been topping the “Best Of” charts for US travel destinations. Luckily, I’m married to a native and get to enjoy visiting family any time of the year, off the typical tourist path.

Kayaking Boats in Charleston SC
Hub and my brother-in-law off-loading the kayaks.

Whether you’re looking for good food in Charleston, black Geechie culture or a laid-back beach sprinkled with that Chucktown charm, you won’t be disappointed. But what’s really fun (and a family activity) that I don’t see many travel articles discuss about things to do in Charleston, is kayaking.

Good thing you found me!

Here’s something you may not have known about kayaking in Charleston

You can kayak in Charleston all year long. Jackpot!

Kayaking in Charleston SC

And if you’re lucky enough to know someone who knows someone you can find quiet creeks that are perfect for beginners.

My brother-in-law is an avid kayaker. He graciously answered my barrage of questions about kayaking in Charleston.

Where are some of the best public spots?

Family Kayaking In Charleston SC
The anti-party — a nice quiet spot accessible only via private property.

Cool Spot #1: The most popular place in town is Shem Creek in Mount Pleasant. It’s about 15 minutes from the city right across the Cooper River bridge.

People love to kayak here because of the creek front’s proximity to bars, restaurants, and seafood shops. Yum!

Party Tip: When you paddle here mid-day on a summer Saturday, you are paddling thru a party. Fun! You’ll find music at Reds, tons of foot traffic, and people on the creek eating and drinking. It looks like a canal on either side. If you choose, you can also paddleboard.

Children and Kayaking

Cool Spot #2: Folly Landing on Folly Beach is also a hot spot for good kayaking. You’ll find the landing off of Folly Road right as you cross the James Island connector.

Depending on the conditions and the tide you can kayak in Folly River going towards the Folly Beach County Park or kayak towards the light house. Your choice.

How much does it cost to kayak in Charleston?

Children in Kayaks

We were lucky enough to have my brother-in-law go out with us in his mini fleet of 4 kayaks. My husband sat in a double with my youngest while my oldest and I sailed through the creek in single kayaks.

On average if you’re renting a kayak on your own, it will cost you:

  • Single kayak for a half-day $55; for a full-day $65
  • Double kayak for a half-day $55; for a full-day $65

The average price of Kayak tours in Charleston is reasonable

My first time kayaking was during a press trip to North Carolina. The waters were NOT mellow and we had two guides escorting us. It was a higher-priced experience but definitely not as fun as kayaking in Charleston.

Muddy Kayaking in Charleston SC

On average in Charleston, guided tours start at $55 per person for 2 hours of kayaking. For 4 hours you’re going to pay around $85 per person. This price includes the kayak rental and the guide.

What are some of the best outfitters in town for a tour?

Hey, admittedly this isn’t a long list because when a local likes who he likes, he sticks with who he likes. And my brother likes Sea Kayak Carolina in Mount Pleasant.

Give them a call at 843–225–7969 or check them out on Facebook. If you stop by, look for Joe Campbell and tell him that Marvin Johnson sent you!

What are some of the best types of tours?

Trees_Kayaking In Charleston SC

Tours depend on your skill level. According to bro, not everyone can paddle in all conditions nor in all waters.

There are different types of tours you could experience. Some tours go through swamps ,some go through the rivers.

Eco tours are most popular because they’re also educational where the tour guide will talk about the tidal creeks and the surrounding ecosystem. Oftentimes you’ll get to see oysters and crabs up close and personal.

Clothing and accessory tips

I was clearly not dressed appropriately when I went kayaking with the family. I wore flip flops that provided absolutely zero traction and caused me to lose my balance when trying to enter the water through a more rustic landing.

So I asked my brother what are some must have items for a comfortable (and safe) experience. We’ll get to footwear in a moment.

When it comes down to clothing, you want to wear something that keeps you dry.

Dressing for Kayaking

My husband had a good look. His legs and head were covered, his shirt wasn’t cotton and he wasn’t wearing flip flops. The vest was really cool. If you’re going to be on the water for hours and need hydration one of these really cool running hydration packs is a good idea. (Note the stylish 70’s style hand towel also covering his head to catch sweat). :)

Cotton is not necessarily your best friend. In the kayaking community they say, “cotton kills.” Keep in mind that you exert yourself when you kayak so you will sweat no matter if it’s cold or warm outside.

Summers in Charleston can be sweltering and within 10 minutes under the sun you’ll be drenched. And in the Winter the trick is to also stay dry.

Cotton stays wet. Even when it’s warm outside it can be really uncomfortable so you want to wear something that has wicking properties in it like this long-sleeve shirt for instance.

Recommendations for winter: splash pants, breathable waterproof clothing, neoprene waterproof socks.

Recommendations for summer: lightweight wicking clothing in general. It’s best to wear long-sleeve shirts to avoid sunburn. If you do wear short sleeve shirts and/or pants you MUST apply sunscreen as needed.

Recommendations for footwear: any shoes you would use for water sports like these for instance is good but be aware that with lightweight shoes you’ll have to be mindful of the oyster or shell banks. If you walk on them they will cut through your lightweight shoes or sneakers. Ouch!

Bug Repellant For Kayaking

Combat mosquitos in the late Spring and through the Fall with mosquito spray. Gnats like good weather just like we do.

Although zika virus isn’t a concern in Charleston, you never know. Plus, nobody has time for itchy mosquito bites.

I hate mosquitos but they luvvvvv me and my blood type. If I could kayak with a net around the boat I would!

Lastly, a hat is a good look to keep your head covered, cool, and protected from the elements.

Try before you buy

Kayaking can easily become an addiction. Most people when they try it and love it, want to buy a kayak and all the accompanying gear.

Hold your horses!

Before you whip out that credit card, my bro recommends that after your first time, go out a few more times.

Kayak purchasing tips to help you save money and buyer’s remorse

1.Try a few different kayaks before you buy. Every kayak doesn’t fit everyone. You may need more space for equipment that you’d like to take with you such as fishing gear. In that case you may want to get a fishing kayak.

Oyster Bays in Charleston SC
One of many oyster bays we came across while kayaking in a quiet creek.

Tip: If you come across oyster bays don’t assume that it’s a free-for-all supply for your oyster roast. Many of these lands are protected and you may need a license before you go scavenging.

2. When you get a sea kayak, you are fitted to the boat. They are made to your size and a specific body-type, based by your leg length. They take a bit more technical skill to operate but they’re not hard once you learn about them and get used to them.

The trick is to get used to them. It’s easier to roll over in a sea kayak because they’re designed for that. You use your whole body to maneuver a sea kayak and move the boat around.

3. Go to a reputable shop and test drive the kayaks just like you would a car. You don’t want to buy it and then get out on the water and find out that it’s too big or too small or hard to maneuver. Sea kayaks aren’t as wide and sit lower in the water.

Kayaking Charleston

Are you ready to go kayaking in Charleston, SC? Where are some of your favorite places to kayak? Leave your tips for newbie kayakers in the comments below.

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