We just linked up with Bench to make preparing taxes that much simpler!

First things first, we’d love to give a special shout-out to Elijah Elkins for bringing Taxfyle and Bench together on Twitter. Mr. Elkins tweeted both Bench and Taxfyle back in March suggesting that that we integrate:

“How about a @Bench @Taxfyle integration for 2017 taxes in 2018?” — @ElijahElkins via Twitter

We were all about it! Three months later, we’re proud to announce our partnership with Bench. The goal is to make filing online that much easier for businesses! All Taxfyle customers will be receiving FREE Bench membership for the first month and 20% off the following 6 months of their subscription.

For those not too familiar with Bench, they are the leading online bookkeeping company for small businesses. They have the capability of collecting business’s financial data in real time, and condensing it into clean reports for tax filing. So it only made sense that we combine forces to account smarter!

What makes this partnership work so well is the open lines of communication and synergies created amongst our platforms for bookkeepers and tax pros. All the data from your business’s expenses will be easily exported from Bench to your Taxfyle tax pro when April rolls around. This means that year-round, your financials are in the hands of a team composed of trusted bookkeeping professionals and tax experts. We will also be rolling out new services such as Quarterly Tax Estimated Payments to help small business year round.

We look forward to expanding and working alongside Bench to create new efficiencies for a new generation of tax ‘fylers’. What can we say, it’s a perfect match!

Brendan Murnen, Student at UM, flamingo enthusiast, professional sweatshirt string replacer, office swingman.