Cochin Cabs Safe Traveling Experience

I keep travelling to Kochi for official and personal matters and have always utilized the services of Kerala taxi while I am in the enterprising city. Even though I travel all around the world, I have particularly liked these white tourist taxis that offer a comfortable ride and keep a good company too. More than often, I travel alone and a lone woman travelling alone is not taken as lightly everywhere in India. Even though the metro cities are hardly bothered about women travelling alone, down south, particularly in Kerala, the situation changes completely. Sometimes, when I book a Kerala taxi service for a late night travel, since I always book through the same travel agent, he is particularly concerned and checks if it is very necessary and makes sure that his most trusted and a familiar person comes with a good vehicle. The driver either keeps quiet letting me relax or if he finds me talking, gives me a good company sharing some interesting local news. By giving me a good vehicle, the taxi operator makes sure that the vehicle does not break down at remote places during the wee hours, making matters difficult to handle. Even though sometimes I feel that’s being overly concerned, it feels good to be cared for and safe. That’s one reason I prefer a conventional Kerala taxi booking, even though I use the new generation app taxis once I am back in my hometown.

Many tourists feel concerned that the since the Taxi in Kerala does not have a meter, they may charge too much and cheat them. While very few people do that, mostly the new taxi drivers in remote places, experienced taxi operators, particularly in the city limits never do that. They value each customer and are ready to discuss the rates anytime asked for. In case you are in a doubt, you can call up the taxi operator and check the rates and options available before you book. Generally, most of the Cochin taxi has a standard rate that includes the return charges also since there’s no specific taxi stand in most of the places in Kerala. Depending on the type of vehicle and number of days required, they would provide the rate card or rate details over the phone. In fact, some of the taxi operators even have their own mobile apps and websites through which also they take bookings. This way, the customer can see and choose their preferred car from the fleet given in the site or app and get the details. The bookings are scheduled against the chosen car and the driver and the customer are mailed / messaged the trip details. Taxi in Cochin does not accept card or cheque payments. You have to pay them in cash that too in Indian Rupee. The best part of booking a taxi in the city is that the drivers are familiar with a lot of tourist destinations and some exotic locations too where you can visit easily. They understand your requirements and can suggest the best places to go in the city and the outskirts.

You can avail the Cochin taxi service for trips outside the city and even outside the state. If you plan to travel outside the state, please mention the same so that the taxi operator can arrange a vehicle with All India Permit which makes sure that it has all the required papers and permits to travel inter-state. If you are a regular customer of taxi services, you can easily get a good discount on taxi bookings. Most of the operators make sure that taxis are available 24 hours a day. This makes sure that even during the wee hours you can get a taxi for an emergency or for an airport or railway station pickup or drop. Online taxi booking in Cochin is another popular option especially when you are a regular traveller. They put up the details of empty vehicles coming back from neighbouring states or long distances and also list out the vehicles which can be shared by 2 or more people for a cheaper and comfortable travel. Many IT clients make use of these services as they regularly travel to Chennai and Bangalore for official and personal purposes. Cochin cabs have always been comfortable, convenient and quite safe to travel, even alone and during late nights too. The drivers can mostly understand and sometimes speak a little bit of English or Hindi which makes sure that communication is smooth.

Usually, the cabs in Cochin offer special rates for long term booking and special occasions such as weddings and family get together when the distance travelled will be very little but the cars may be required for longer periods. Even with the penetration of new generation taxis such as Ola and Uber, the taxis in Kochi have always been a favourite mode of transportation for the locals as well as the tourists. Cochin airport taxi is a convenient way to travel to anywhere in Kerala from the Cochin International Airport. The prepaid counter is available at the arrival lounge where the customers can choose from the long fleet of cars displayed. The tariff for each car is given and you can make the payment there itself and book. The drivers standing outside the arrival lounge will help you identify the car and take you to your destination. These cars are maintained impeccably as there’s high competition here and a better maintained car has more options of winning over the foreign tourists. The NRKs also make use of Rent car Cochin which turns out cheaper for long-term use or monthly usage.

The best way to travel around the city is to opt for a Car hire in Cochin. The drivers will take you to the most happening places in the city, without fail. They even help you out with finding the best Ayurvedic massages and the best honeymoon destination. The safest and most convenient to travel all around Kerala, especially in Kochi is to hire taxi in Cochin.