Cab Booking Software: A Marvel, A Necessity

One might have imagined how large commercial machinery like the taxi industry work relentlessly without a hint of a confusion. Right from the reservation that is done in advance to the point of dropping off the passenger, the taxi industry works like a well-oiled motorized device churning out services day after day. We try to unveil the secret to its success with this article and gain more knowledge about the background magic at work.

Well strictly speaking there is no magic! It is the omnipotent computer applications that have touched and impacted our lives in so many different ways that are at work here. Computer software since the 1970s have been evolving rapidly and becoming more useful to the commercial establishments. The taxi booking system is one such software application that essentially revolutionized the perception and the functioning of the cab industry.

How it evolved?

Tracking the evolution of the booking software can’t be done with a pin point precision but market analyst give a fair idea that post he 2000 era after the dot com expansion across the globe, people in various businesses began identifying the need for internet application in their commercial ventures. With the setting up of large multinational mobile cab service providers, it became inevitable for the cab industry to bring forth massive changes in their operational structures to remain a profit making organization.

The only solution was to modernize the service provided to the customers. Thus the cab booking system was born. This was pivotal in organizing the existent chaotic condition of the cab firms. Being a part of the dispatch software it acted as an able support system to it. Not only it propelled the bookings and advanced reservations but people were finding it more efficient and time worthy. Hence the passenger traffic started shooting up.


Basically it had two alternative modes of taxi booking. One involved android application to complete a transaction through the mobile device. While the other was more conventional and involved an automatic call and register system.

Android Application

This app was available for download and installation from the android store. Once installed and registered one could start using the app. The user interface was quite simple and could be used by any age group. A simple prompt to enter the date and time of travel along with the destination was enough to summon a taxi at your doorstep. Yes it was that easy. The payment for the journey could be made through the secure channels provided in the app.

Call to Book

This feature of taxi booking is what makes it unique. People using the conventional calling approach to book a ride could be easily identified by the software working in background. Later it filled the current passenger information from its database and generated a booking request. It saved a lot of time and the money could also be pain in the taxi via the on-board payment collection system.