Taxnote Android has Cloud feature now

Hello, Taxnote Android has a lot of updates!

*Taxnote Cloud

1.Multiple Accounts
2.Cloud Sync with different devices(Both iOS and Android)
3.Auto Recurring Entry for monthly or weekly payments
4.Bar Charts with each category
Please note that you need to subscribe to Taxnote Cloud even when you already buy Taxnote Plus because they are different payments.

However, if you buy Taxnote Cloud already on iOS, you don’t need to subscribe to that on Android. Just use the login ID you created on iOS version to login to Taxnote Cloud, so you can sync your data and use Taxnote Cloud features.

The same things apply when you buy Taxnote Cloud on Android and login to your account on iOS.

As always, I’d really appreciate it if you could review the app on the Store. If more users use this app and it generates income, I can keep developing the app to make it more awesome!