Social Media Literacy Class- YSU Dennis Schiraldi Blog #1: Taylor Yauger

Would you like to be a princess for a day? How about a talking dog or a mardi gras girl? You are in luck! The current filter’s on snap chat offer all these options. Snap chat was developed about five years ago by Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy! For the uninitiated, Snapchat is a mobile messaging application used to capture funny moments via a photo or a short video. Have you ever thought of using Snapchat in your business? As visual messaging has become increasingly popular in recent years, communication via tech devices has elevated to a completely new level. This is where Snapchat walks in! What sets it apart from other social media applications is that nothing’s permanent in the world of Snapchat. All videos and photos are scheduled to ‘self-destruct’ 24 hours after sharing them on your ‘story’. If you don’t want it to be broadcasted to everyone on your list, you can alternatively send them to select friends, who can view them for 10 seconds, and then the snaps simply vanish. What more, you can even add a caption, doodle all over a particular snap or use its super popular lens feature to create unique, personalized and absolutely delightful snaps. This app is fun, creative, silly, sexy and entertaining. Snap chat is used by all ages including my mother which is absolutely entertaining haha. Celebrities, artists, public news figures and so on use it constantly to gain the attention of their fans and supporters. With their new product, Spectacles, Snap aims to bring to the mainstream a way for people to share their own perspective of an event, and relive it as they saw it. With other recent acquisitions, they look to be heading into the augmented reality space, which will bring you one step closer to your dream of giving everyone you see bunny ears and a top hat. Other social media apps like Instagram and Facebook are utilizing snap chats “story” idea because they are setting the standards high and stealing the business! Snap chat broadened it’s horizons by adding stories from popular world events that everyone can see and stay connected with which is genius! Bringing people together over an app all over the world live is amazing.

Do I condone this app? Absolutely! I think it is a fun way to stay connected with your friends constantly and be yourself. I wish my creative ways stretched as far as creating a global media takeover like snap chat. Their are plenty of reasons for every day people to use the app whether for sexual purposes, singing, comedian actions, pretty pictures, goofy pictures, proof, attention, advertising and etc. Its your life you do as you please. As far as the children, they should be monitored and use the app purely for fun and games. There are downfalls to everything because people abuse the power of everything and no one can control that. Like people blaming the app for bullying, deaths, sexual assaults etc. That happens on every single site online it is purely uncontrollable. Some say we should just do a hatchet job on the whole internet system as a whole. I say NO; utilize what is right in front of you people! Use the media options to spread the word about the positives and negatives. Use snap chat to get your points a crossed, your events out there, your products sold and your stories told! It’s a new era, so you can set your bar high utilizing what is offered positively or try to fight against the system negatively which is something I wouldn’t suggest because you it will not get you anywhere except backwards. When you see a network growing so rapidly and brightly why wouldn’t you hop on board? Snap chat is growing more famous for adding little Pinterest based ideas like wedding filters, Halloween costumes, party ideas and so on. They are branding themselves with something new weekly. The target based users are followers and what they see others doing they want to do. It is a genius web of innovative ideas that you yourself can market from. When I graduate college this year, I will keep the app for my friend purposes and then I will also create a separate account for work related purposes. I am graduating with a communications degree with a minor in marketing and advertising. In today’s society you must first market yourself and then what you have to offer. No matter who wants to admit it, it is 2017 and technology is taking over. Learning how to utilize the social media world will only come as an advantage to you in the business world; especially for me looking to work for a large advertising company in a big city. One of the best ways to use Snapchat is to create live events and trigger audience’s interest. Streaming a live events gives an opportunity for others, who are not there, to be a part of the happenings from their living rooms. This is especially interesting if you’re planning an event, or if your business is all about events. Imagine posting interesting peaks into a live event that others can’t see — not even the people who are there. Doesn’t that sound like a special treat for those who follow you on Snapchat? It certainly does. How do you separate something that’s a good idea from the truly innovative? You must network yourself and set yourself aside from the competition! Be different, innovative, inspiring, educated and motivated! When I receive my big girl job I plan to connect several social media sources and update them with my companies insights and ideas every day! Something new that was brought to me this semester was my professor Dennis Schiraldi utilizing several social media websites and different informative article websites like Flip Board to teach his class. I believe it was eye opening and refreshing because that is what college students are more interested in and the point of a successful outcome in anything is to catch the attention of your audience and effectively engage with them! So pat yourself on the back Dennis, you should be proud! As for all of you readers out there, I hope I gave you the breakdown on why you should utilize current technology and social media to positively promote yourself to the public whatever the purpose may be! Keep up, there’s already plenty of people ahead of you. Are you ready to step up and put yourself out there?!