CSS Stuff

HMT-Hell was a walk in the park compared to CSS day (I might have forgotten to blog yesterday, whoops.) CSS was absolutely mind melting as a subject. The exercises were “here is a page that is barebones as hell, make it look like this png using only CSS.” The amount of times that I wish I could have touched the HTML file started to dwindle around hour 1.5.

I think it was a really useful experience, because so many times when I was working on the styling, I was cursing the name of the person who wrote the HTML. It was an exercise in “look, this is mostly good code, its not even bad code, and some of it /may/ be copied and pasted, but deal with it” and it definitely made me want to keep my code clean in the case that other people might eventually be working on it.

So… message heard, even if that message wasn’t meant.