Prework: Complete

Alright. I have finished the Prework. Time to report back on theories.

Turns out the “Baby’s First: Javascript, Ruby, Java” all use in-browser script windows to run the code that you are typing, so I didn’t use atom to write anything. Womp-womp. But I didn’t have any issues with the little training modules.

Based on what was gone over in each, I’m solid on the Javascript and Ruby. The Java gave me a little bit of an issue, but the text kept reiterating that the feeling is completely normal for Java. Sounds good.

Going over the “learn2git” stuff was a bit more over my head. I haven’t had to push updates to things and such in the very basic code that I’ve done in CS1 or those little modules, but I’m sure I’ll be able to pick up the “why” and practice those commands/skills in the course.

All and all, not worried.

Now, on to the lesson for the first day. Wish me luck.