The continuous change to the new mechanical way of life requires interest in the constituent innovations, modernization of generation, and rebuilding of brought together economy. The wonder grasps monetary and social circles. Against the foundation of the current adverse slant numerous speculators change over to cryptoinvestments as an option type of individual venture. Principally, those are ventures with a snappy payback period, of direct hazard and in view of aptitude and expert help. Starting at 2017, Russia encounters a lack of foodstuffs. The nation neglects to totally take care of the demand for dairy and meat items, seed harvests and creature nourish, which makes the undertaking critical and fluid. Inadequate crude drain creation guarantees a specialty in the ware showcase, while the need status of the venture will decrease the assessment base and costs, influencing the undertaking to cost productive directly after the main year of appropriate operation. The status of a “Priority Project” implies the following subsidies:  Recovery of Direct Costs to build the Commercial Dairy Farm — 20%  farm machinery — 15%  animals (per 1 kg) — 65 roubles  milk (per 1 litre) — 1.60 roubles. Projected increase is up to 3 roubles in 2017.  insemination (per dose) — 50 roubles  partial recovery of the costs of dairy breeding stock management (per 1 animal unit) — 1220 roubles a year  100% recovery of infrastructure costs  reimbursement of rates on credits to the amount of 75% of the discount rate from the RF federal budget  additional subsidies as regards the costs of the financial resources of the project to the amount of 3 percentage points from the budget of the Voronezh region  additionally — preferential prices on fuel, mineral fertilizers and seeds MilkCoin will give you an opportunity to invest in agriculture, to receive dividends and increase your capital in future. Project Summary Commercial aspects of the Project This Project deals with crowdfunding investments in the construction of a commercial dairy farm in the territory of the Voronezh region. The three main stages of the Project are as follows: “Initial Coin Offerings (ICO)”, “Construction and Reconstruction”, “Purchase of machinery and equipment”, “Production”, “Buyback”. 1 stage “Initial Coin Offerings (ICO)” November 2017 — January 2018 ICO to attract investments using MilkCoin tokens on the Ethereum platform. The funds raised through ICO will form the investment budget to attain the appropriate objectives of the project (objectives may vary depending on the amount of funds raised). 2 stage Construction and reconstruction of buildings depending on the amount of the funds raised. January 2018 — September 2018 2.1 Restoration of the elevator 2.2 Construction of the formula-feed plant 2.3 Construction of cowsheds with the required infrastructure 3 stage Purchase of machinery and equipment — January 2018 — February 2018 4 stage Tillage and sowing (4.2) Harvesting (4.3) 4.1 Should the full amount be raised (4 bln roubles), additional land plots for plant-growing will be taken on lease 4.2 February 2018 — August 2018 4.3 August 2018 — September 2018 5 stage “Buyback” January 2021 Buyback of MilkCoin tokens will start 3 years after the ICO is over. Investors will also be entitled to minimum dividends to the amount of 10% per year (January 2019) and to the amount of 3% quarterly starting from the first quarter of 2019 (April 2019)/ Buyback of tokens will make 10% of the total number of the issued tokens per year. On the whole the advantages of the present investment project are as follows: 1. High level of investment attractiveness according to the businessplan calculations. 2. Annual or quarterly payments of dividends to tokenholders. 3. Guaranteed buyback of coins with the price increase of 20% upon the expiration of the aforesaid period, which ensures your zero-risk high return on investments. 4. The Priority Project is of particular importance both for the country and for the region, which allows your affordable contribution to the development of agriculture and improvement of people’s well-being. 5. The Project is also extremely significant for the Voronezh region as it creates a great number of high-paid (as for the region) new jobs. Description of our own participation The project team owns 3500 thousand hectares of land near the village of Kostenky, the Voronezh region, Russia. At present the team’s personal investments in the project make about 600 million roubles. The current status of the project:  We own available forage resources (3668 hectares owned, 3000 hectares were additionally reserved for the project under the agreement with the Voronezh region authorities). Land category is agricultural land. In addition, there is a plot of agriculture-purpose land of 41.9 hectares to be used for the Commercial Dairy Farm, other plots of land of different categories (for warehouses and industrial premises, etc.) — 92.1 thousand square meters.  The Elevator Building, granaries, warehouses and other premises are owned  All categories of land and property are owned free and are clear of any encumbrances  Commercial offers from equipment suppliers have been received  Construction site is being prepared  The following issues have been addressed, developed and agreed upon:  topographical survey, geology, land surveying, topography  public examination of the project  preliminary agreement on connection to networks  Priority status was given to the Investment Project in order to obtain appropriate subsidies from the regional budget (at the decision-making stage)  Business Plan and Financial Model have been developed As of the year 2017, 1000 hectares of land are being cultivated; the rest is let on lease until 2018. Attracted investments will allow cultivation of all land plots, construction of milk production complex, reconstruction of the elevator, construction of the formula-feed plant, and laying of the required networks, thus enabling the creation of a fully closed production cycle for dairy and meat products. Why was Pre-ICO rejected? Our team is quite confident of the success of this Project. That is why, the ICO and preparation thereof occurs at the expense of project team’s funds. We do not attract external funds to create the site, to prepare the required infrastructure or to perform marketing activities. Statements and Reports Statements and reports on the performed work and settlements will be published quarterly in news section. Consequently, every investor will have an opportunity to follow personally the implementation of the project and to be certain of safety of their investment. First statements and reports will be published on April 1, 2018. How do we receive real money? All the attracted investments will be transferred to the account of MilkCoin Est. In this case, MilkCoin Est is the issuer of MIlkCoin token and the counteragent for payment of dividends and buyback of tokens; then the funds will be transferred to the Russian Company “HSK” as a currency loan. This is the way to avoid problems with Russian legislation, which for the time being includes no definition of cryptocurrencies, and, therefore, all cryptocurrencies are considered to be illegal (they are neither lawful, nor unlawful; there is no such regulation within the RF). Since the European Company MilkCoin Est, Liechtenstein participates in the Project, you can be sure that your funds are secure as you actually invest in the European Company that is subject to international and European regulations only. *The received Eth will be converted to Fiat ($) at the exchange rate in force as of 20 December, 2017. Description of the objectives Objective 1 — Cultivation of all land plots. The objective includes: purchase of the required machinery, seeds; maintenance, repairs and restoration of the available structures and machinery, and construction of new maintenance shop, reconstruction and construction of roads. Link to the description of costs. The minimum threshold to achieve the objective using investors’ funds shall be $5.700.000 Objective 2 — includes “Objective 1” along with the additional reconstruction of the elevator owned by the company. The elevator is of great interest for business as it will provide for independent storage and grading of grain. Grain drying increases grain value, thus increasing the profit for the enterprise. The elevator with a large number of cells will enable the company to offer grain storage and grain drying services to other regional agricultural companies, there is an enormous demand for such services in the Voronezh region due to the lack of elevator capacities. The current objective also includes electrification and gasification, and infrastructure development. Link to the description of costs. The minimum threshold to achieve the objective using investors’ funds shall be $ 17.687.000 Objective 3 — includes objectives “1” and “2” along with the construction of the formula-feed plant. As the elevator provides for an opportunity to store simultaneously more than 100 types of grain, the formula-feed plant will be capable of producing a most efficient type of forage. Fodder production is primary and income generating. In the Voronezh region there are more than 17 dairy and meat enterprises in need of buying formula feed for their cattle. Link to the description of costs. The minimum threshold to achieve the objective using investors’ funds shall be $21.394.000 Objective 4 — Construction of a closed milk processing complex. Cultivation of our own land plots will provide for the required grain. The elevator will make it possible to store and grade grain for the formula-feed plant, and the formula-feed plant will provide high-quality forage for the cattle. Such cycle will ensure maximum profit as there is no need for thirdparty purchases. Link to the Business Plan The minimum threshold to achieve the objective using investors’ funds shall be $76.000.000 Additional investment in the form of a loan Should the attracted funds be insufficient for Objective 1, the team will be obliged to obtain the rest of the required funds in the form of a bank loan. Investments will enable us to reconstruct the buildings and launch the production; in this way the buildings and the land will become pledgeable as collateral to obtain a loan. These steps will ensure payment of dividends and guarantee buyback of investors’ coins irrespective of the amount raised, and will protect your investments and the investments of the Project team. Application of MilkCoin For 1 MilkCoin token one of the commodities produced by Khokholsky Agricultural Company can be acquired: grain, high-quality grain after drying in the elevator, formula feed, milk. Tokenholders will have a 50% discount for any goods produced by Khokholsky Agricultural Company and will be provided with an opportunity to purchase the goods for MilkCoin tokens. Therefore, the increase of the market value of a MilkCoin token can be forecasted. The list of commodities and the value thereof will be published at the beginning of production of such a commodity in the personal office on site. As each objective is achieved, the appropriate type of commodity will be produced, objective 1 — grain, objective 2 — high-quality grain, objective 3 — formula feed, objective 4 — milk. You can collect the goods from: Russia, the city of Voronezh. Why ICO? At present, due to the economic situation in the country, it is almost impossible to obtain collateral-free project funding within the RF. Unfortunately, we cannot get a loan, collateral is required to do so, but, according to the regulation of the RF Central Bank, the land or the inoperative buildings that we own cannot serve as collateral for a loan. Therefore, the only way out is to raise funds through ICO. We believe that attraction of investment through ICO is promising as it is profitable both for us and for investors. We live in the 21st century and we believe that in this century crowd-investing will win a victory over the conventional banking system and will stimulate small and medium-sized businesses that need investments, especially within the Russian Federation. Payment of dividends Subject to the smart contract, dividends shall be paid to the amount of 10% of the investment amount as of 01.01.2019. Further on, payments shall be made quarterly to the amount of 3% of the investment amount. Dividends shall be paid in Ethereum cryptocurrency proportionate to the amount of investments in $. The exchange rate of Eth to $ will be fixed on 20.12.2017. The amount of dividends per each MilkCoin shall be calculated according to the formula: (A*0.1)\B = C for annual payment, (A*0.03)\B = C for quarterly payment. A = the total amount of raised funds in $ as of 20.12.2017 B = the total amount of issued coins C = dividends per each coin 0.1 = 10%, annual dividends 0.03 = 3%, quarterly dividends Bonus Program The ICO campaign is divided into 5 periods. Each period involves the purchase of token at a special price. Thus early investors can get high profit at the secondary market (having sold MilkCoin tokens at the exchange market). Transition to a new discount period will occur upon the expiration of the current period or should the objective of the period be achieved in ETH. Description of periods: Period 1: 15.11–18.11, 10 million MilkCoin at the price of 0.1 USD Period 2: 18.11–23.11, 15 million MilkCoin at the price of 0.4 USD Period 3: 23.11–28.11, 20 million Milkcoin at the price of 0.6 USD Period 4: 28.11–03.12, 25 million Milkcoin at the price of 0.8 USD Period 5: 03.12–15.12, 50 million MIlkCoin at the price of 1 USD Buyback of MilkCoin tokens Buyback of MilkCoin tokens will start 3 years after the ICO is over. Tokens will be bought back at the value increased by 20% (as equivalent to USD).

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