The Art of Mining…. EasyMine as a Case Study

Mining may sound decent and simple before all else. In any case it is not as basic as it sounds. Particularly in the event that you are an apprentice… Running the equipment types and begin mining is once in a while devilishly confounded and befuddling. Utilizing complex applications, contents and endeavoring to oversee everything without sitting around idly can be a bad dream .

What is Mining

Mining advanced monetary forms, for example, bitcoin, ethereum or litecoin is ending up increasingly famous these days. To create or mine monetary forms, excavators utilize their processing equipment to take care of a considerable measure of numerical issues in return to coins.

The principle thought of taking care of those issues is to make another pieces and add them to the current blockchain. This pieces contains information of exchanges that are performed inside the system. What’s more, the blockchain is somewhat of a gigantic scratch pad that keeps information of each square since the start of the system.

EasyMINE — Plug it and Mine it


The principle thought of easyMINE is clarified in the whitepaper in a solitary and exceptionally straightforward expression: plug&mine.

Easymine is intended to let diggers productively oversee and control the procedure and advance of mining rigs with less strides than at any other time. Along these lines, easyMINE is not pointed just novices who needs to dispatch their first mining rig yet additionally the accomplished excavators that needs to build effectiveness of their mining operations with such a total programming arrangement.

Focus of easyMINE

Giving an aggregate programming bundle to dispatch any mining machine. Programming will have the capacity to introduce to a straightforward USB streak circle with its own particular devoted working framework. Also, it will empower remote control and organization of mining fittings.

Building up a stage for mining rig administration. Also, mineworkers will have the capacity to oversee, design and control their apparatuses by this stage. Apparatus will be consequently designed with the ideal arrangements (Including center clock, memory profiles settings.) and make a move for any blunder amid run.

Creating Mobile and Web-based applications to screen and control the durable goods.

Giving diffirent designs to various mining setups and distinctive cryptographic forms of money

Building up a programmed mine and cryptographic money determination with respect to your equipment.

Making a basic wallet framework to make it less demanding for learners.

Utilizing easyMINE Complete Software Solution, anybody will have the capacity to begin digital currency mining.

easyMINE Tokens (EMT)

33,000,000 easyMINE tokens (EMT) will be issued to support the task. Tokens will be appropriated to purchasers instantly upon buy. Unsold tokens will be scorched. No extra tokens will be made anytime amid or after the deal.

The token pool will be divided as follows:

  • Crowdsale participants: 27,000,000 EMT (approx. 81.8%)
  • Pre-ICO buyer bonuses: 2,000,000 EMT (approx. 6.1%)
  • easyMINE development team: 1,500,000 EMT (approx. 4.6%)
  • Project advisors: 500,000 EMT (approx. 1.5%)
  • Bounty program: 1,000,000 EMT (approx. 3.0%)
  • easyMINE Corporation: 1,000,000 EMT (approx. 3.0%)


Łukasz Żeligowski, CEO / Founder / Software Engineer

Andrzej Belczak, CFO / Founder

Andrzej Buller, Ph. D., Machine Learning Expert

Witold Turzański, CTO / Lead Software Developer

Tomasz Widanka, Senior Developer / Hardware Engineer

Dawid Gajek, Product Manager

Michał Jankowski, Senior Graphic Designer

Anna Kochańska, Marketing Specialist

Przemysław Budziszewski, PR Liaison / Content Developer

Łukasz Gąsior, Smart Contract Developer

Piotr Kosiński, Advisor

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