Letting go is liberation

The last couple of days I’ve been pondering decision to just focus on writing and whether I’d continue write on here. I will continue to write here because its that opportunity to find my voice and I think until I really find my voice I can’t move forward with anything else.

Writing is my way of finding that voice. But as a friend pointed out to me, writing is also my way of healing and processing. He observed that I am lit up up about writing than anything else and its true. when its my writing and i’m working on the projects that matter to me, I do get excited.

I know that writing, just writing, will help me find my way forward. If I trust that process everything else will line up accordingly. I just have to trust the process and let that next big thing come to me through my writing. Taking the time to do that is wiser than just jumping into something I’m not fully behind. I’ve done that way too often. And as I recognize that flaw more and more it becomes easier to step back and approach it from a place of consideration about what’s best for me while reviewing the internal and external pressures that are setting up the situation.

In this case, I’ve put pressure on myself to have a solution to an ongoing situation, when what I needed to do is let go of control and trust that the solution will present itself in time, while I focus on the opportunities that are available to me.