What 17 days taught me

17 days into university life and I can’t believe how much I’ve surprised myself. It’s very different to living at home and working full time which is what I’ve been used to for the last year, but I’ve learnt so much.

I was so nervous about moving to Leeds Trinity University as it’s a long way from my home near Birmingham. Moving into accommodation with strangers worried me as I’ve never not lived at home with familiar people in a familiar town. Home sickness was something that I had anticipated would hit me hard because of being so far away, but I couldn’t have wished for better people to live with to keep me company. Some friendships have formed stronger than others and already, I see some of them as long term friends. We share common interests which leads to having flat movie nights watching ‘Mean Girls’ with drinks and snacks at the ready; how can you miss home when you’re having nights like that?

I really have missed my family a lot, the shift of place and responsibilities was a shock. I realised how much my family at home do everyday jobs for me. Although I sometimes do jobs like cooking, washing and cleaning, I never predicted how much it was and how often everything had to be done when you have to do everything yourself. Something else that’s now apparent is that I can in fact cook, so far I’ve not killed anyone with my cooking and I’m so impressed.

For those worried about moving to university in the future, nothing that you read online or hear from people who have previously been, will prepare you for the changes you incur. But so far I’ve loved it and wouldn’t change any part of my experience. Let the next three years commence...